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  • PHP
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  • MySQL
  • cPanel
  • Shared Hosting
  • SSD

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Support + Pricing + Up-Time + Features = Just a few reasons why I chose Hightek Designs. The peace of mind you receive knowing your site will be available to all of your customers is the reason why I continue to use Hightek Designs. I had a few questions before ordering my domain and the support was top notch. I didn't feel like I was pushed into making my purchase and the features that are available are fantastic!

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Hightek Designs

Hightek Designs Introduction

Hightek Designs is a web-hosting company based in North Carolina, USA which appears to be run and owned by an individual. The company solely focuses on offering shared hosting and reseller plans to individuals and small businesses. It is ideal for those wanting to host small, dynamic websites including portfolios and blogs.

Services and Specializations

Hightek Designs is unique in the fact that it focuses only on a few services, namely shared and reseller hosting. The company targets those who need a website up and running quickly at a low cost.

The company offers a few shared and reseller hosting plans. Each plan limits the amount of disk space and add-on domains but offers unlimited bandwidth. All plans include cPanel support, free setup, and free WordPress setup. Reseller plans also limit diskspace but offer support for unlimited accounts and bandwidth. All plans include WHM and cPanel and are hosted on servers running Cloud Linux.

To support dynamic websites, the plans also allow customers to install the PHP version of their choice including version 7. In addition, they also feature the ability to execute single-click installs of common scripts including WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

Features such as DNS Management, E-mail Forwarding, ID protection, dedicated IP address, and SSL certificates are not included in the plans.


Hightek Designs prides itself on having specialists to keep their servers updated and fully tuned. All plans are hosted on servers with SSD hard disks and Cloud Linux installed for the fastest response times. Though server hardware and data center details have an important role in service quality, the company does not provide any of these details.

Support and Customer Service

All the company's plans offer 24x7 customer support. Customers having concerns can submit support tickets via contact form by filling out basic contact information, problem description, and priority. Although the company guarantees that a person will be reading customer messages instead of a "robot", it does not promise a guaranteed response time.

Uptime Guarantee

A website's uptime in based on a variety of factors including server hardware along with network and data center infrastructure. Though the company utilizes SSD disks for all its servers, no details are given for its network communications or data centers. However, Hightek Designs promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee based on its servers running Cloud Linux. However, the company does not mention any compensation for downtime experienced.


Hightek Designs bills its customers on a monthly basis for all its plans. Customers can obtain discounts if they are willing to pay at least a year up-front and additional features such as domain name registration and dedicated IPs have extra yearly fees. The company only accepts PayPal to pay for these plans and features.


Hightek Designs, a web-hosting company based in North Carolina, offers plans focused on shared and reseller hosting. Its servers have the latest PHP software, SSD disks, and Cloud Linux to ensure a dynamic website with fast response times and suited for multiple platforms including mobile. Customers wanting to get online quickly at a low price may do well with Hightek Designs.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Hightek Designs Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Starter Plan WordPress PHP cPanel MySQL SSD Shared Hosting 1000MB Unlimited $3.32/month
Usual price:

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Hightek Designs$3.33
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