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Founded:1997 Introduction is a Polish web hosting company. It was established in 1997, and is a large provider of services for small and medium size customers in central and eastern Europe. They serve 350,000 customers for whom they are the primary registrar for 1.2 million domains. They also maintain 150,000 virtual servers. Over 200 people are employed in the various parts of the company, including over 100 at their subsidiary Homecloud.

Because of's focus on smaller companies and individuals, they put great focus on direct human based customer service. Roughly a quarter of their staff is dedicated to interacting with users. also provides priority support to customers with more intense and time sensitive needs.

Services & Specializations

Domain registration is a big part of's business. They offer registration of even the most obscure top level domains. They also have a domain marketplace where users can buy and sell existing domains. offers the standard shared web hosting services. They even offer a very basic Linux-based plan that is almost free. They also offer more advanced Linux plans with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and even secure shell access. These are also quite competitively priced. Windows hosting is available, but the plans are more limited and they cost substantially more money. All shared hosting plans come with 24/7 monitoring, backups, and a 14 day money back guarantee. provides a website wizard that allows those who are not technically inclined to create their own websites. This includes over a hundred templates and various automated add-ons. They also offer inexpensive custom designed websites. Additional services are available involving online advertising, stock photos, and translations.

For its more advanced services, created a subsidiary, Homecloud. It is still based in the same hosting facilities as (see below). They offer cloud-base VPS for not much more money than shared hosting. For more demanding users, Homecloud offers dedicated servers on a monthly basis and Pro Cloud services on an hourly basis. provides other services such as custom backups, network monitoring, and various e-mail services.

Infrastructure / Datacenters / Network maintains three datacenters in Poland. There they host disk arrays and over 1,200 servers. These servers are fully redundant, with a mirrored server existing at one of the other two datacenters.

Each of the datacenters has their own independent power connections, as well as local generators and UPSs. They are maintained between 64° and 75°. They are also constantly monitored via video surveillance and burglar alarms, as well as guards on duty 24/7. And they are protected by a state of the art fire detection and extinguishing system. has five 10 Gb/s internet exchange points -- the physical infrastructure that links internet service providers to each other. This provides a total bandwidth to the internet of 50 Gb/s, but the discrete nature of it allows to route traffic more efficiently.

Homecloud has a larger network infrastructure, with total bandwidth of 100 Gb/s. They also have extra access points in western Europe and, especially, southeastern Europe.

Support and Customer Service offers an extensive knowledge base for all of their services. If those don't solve a user's problems, provides 24/7 customer service for all its clients via telephone, online chat, and email. The company emphasizes customer support, and employs a large staff for the purpose. They also provide priority support, which can be purchased, but comes free of charge to clients who are using more advanced products like the business cloud server. The premium support package provides other means of contact (e.g. Skype) and is staffed by more experience techs.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring

To maximize the reliability of their hosting services, mirrors all of its servers, so that if one server goes down (or one whole datacenter), the mirror can instantly replace it. also runs 30 backup servers hosted at two different datacenters. They have 400 TB of capacity. The system is constantly backing up other servers at a frequency of every three days.

Uptime Guarantee does not have a stated uptime guarantee for their shared hosting plans. For their cloud VPS and dedicated hosting plans, they offer 99% uptime guarantees.

Billing & Payment Policies offers many special deals. You should make sure what these deals are, however, and the length of time that they are in effect, because the discounts can be dramatic. All prices are given in Polish zlotys.

Summary is a full featured web hosting company, particularly suited to customers in central and eastern Europe. Their shared hosting offers many services especially geared toward people who are new to website ownership. But via their subsidiary Homecloud, they provide more advanced hosting services appropriate for even fairly large companies. They offer very competitive prices for most of their services. But above all, is focused on customer service.

Last updated: 2017-07-30 Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Business Cloud Basic WordPress PHP MySQL Business Cloud 10GB 500GB $1.03/month
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