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What is Host Europe Group?

For small, medium, or even large businesses that are seeking hosting services for a wide variety of technology needs, Host Europe Group is ready for you. Originating in Germany, HEG has risen to become the largest privately owned European based hosting provider for a variety of services including web hosting, email clusters, and everything in between.

HEG History

HEG began as Webfusion back in 1997. Since that time, the company has changed hands and acquired other hosting companies such as Heart Internet,, and Intergenia AG along the way to become the Host Europe Group. Today, it is the largest privately owned hosting company in Europe, managing over 7 million domain names with about 1.7 million customers.


The Host Europe Group offers a variety of services that are targeted at small, medium and even enterprise level businesses. These services range from basic web hosting all the way to full managed hosting servers designed to handle large business services such as ecommerce, cloud and even email clusters.

  • Mass Hosting - HEG’s Mass Hosting services come in both managed and unmanaged variants, and allow for businesses and even individuals to bring their ideas to the Internet. HEG’s goal with this service is to make the sign up and configuration process as simple as possible to open the doors of the Internet to the public regardless of their experience. These services range from domain hosting and registration, WordPress hosting, website builders, and much more.
  • Managed Hosting - Designed for larger businesses and even small businesses that need a little more than Mass Hosting can provide, HEG’s Managed Hosting services offers a wide range of dedicated servers that can be used to setup full email clusters, create cloud infrastructures for companies, colocation services, e-commerce, and much more.

Network Infrastructure

Unlike some hosting providers, HEG maintains their own network of servers housed in their own data centers scattered across the world. With servers across Europe and even in the United States, you can find a data center near you to provide you the fastest transmission speeds possible for your company data. All of their data centers are custom built and maintained by HEG and are designed to be location based, so you can always use a server that is closest to you. HEG also reports to be environmentally friendly as well. Although they do not use renewable energy, they reduce their carbon footprint through other means to ensure their company has little impact, if any, on the environment.

Security and Uptime

While no strong claims are given by the company, uptime is generally in line with the industry. The company performs annual security audits and maintains strong security on both their hardware, software, and data that is hosted on their servers. HEG maintains technicians at all of their facilities and their facilities are equipped with some of the industry best security and disaster detection technology in order to protect both your data as well as their network infrastructure.

Customer Service and Support

As a European based company, and more specifically German based company, their main website for technical support is in German, but service is available in multiple languages including English so you can get the help you need no matter where you may call home. Service is, in general, friendly and helpful and responds to your problems quickly so you can get your online services back up and running in a timely fashion so you can continue to serve your customers.

Billing Procedures and Policies

Like many web hosting and server hosting companies, the best deals can be found with HEG if you sign up for at least a year. While this gets you a much better price for the services you are purchasing, it can be a bit of a time commitment for many new businesses or individuals looking to get their feet wet with hosting. HEG offers a 30 day money back guarantee on any service purchased. If after 30 days you aren’t satisfied with your service, you may cancel and receive a full refund. However, this refund will not include any added services or fees you incurred during the setup of your account. While this may seem disheartening, it is in line with what you will find on virtually all hosting providers currently doing business across the world.


Host Europe Group offers a vast array of services that are tailored for businesses of all shapes and sizes no matter where you are. While they don’t specifically target individuals, their services can still be used by individuals if desired. While specializing in the European hosting businesses, HEG also has data centers located in the United States that are designed to serve the needs of local American businesses as well. For businesses large and small looking for hosting services for a variety of needs ranging from basic web hosting all the way to large server clusters, HEG is a serious contender that should be considered by all.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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