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HostingVisa Introduction

Since 2008, HostingVisa has served the needs of small business owners and personal bloggers looking for affordable web-hosting solutions. The firm offers an all-in-one service that provides basic website design, domain name registration, and unlimited hosting via the cloud for a low monthly fee. HostingVisa predominately serves small businesses and independent entrepreneurs looking to secure a presence on the web while remaining well within their operational budgets.

Services and Specializations

HostingVisa takes a somewhat modest approach to their services, clearly targeting customers with limited experience building and launching commercial websites. To that end they provide basic web design services, the majority of which depend upon user friendly content management systems like WordPress, Joomla! and Magento. Using these popular CMS platforms HostingVisa works with their clients to create and deploy serviceable, albeit it relatively basic, ecommerce websites and blogs. Having said that, HostingVisa does host more expansive websites, and will handle the migration of existing sites to their own cloud-based servers.

HostingVisa offers three levels of service, each of which is competitively priced. Starter packages include unlimited domains, a free email account, SSL, and MySQL database. Standard and Premium service packages build on this with the addition of unlimited disk space and increased bandwidth. All of HostingVisa's service packages come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Performance and Security

While HostingVisa's services may be geared towards smaller enterprises, their performance standards are fairly impressive. As a cloud-based hosting company, the firm relies on a worldwide network of servers and datacenters to deliver reliable and uninterrupted service for their customers. HostingVisa promises a 99.9% uptime regardless of service package, and customers will be notified prior to any scheduled downtime for routine maintenance and updates.

HostingVisa promises 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection for all of their customers, though it is unclear if the monitoring conducted remotely or on-site. Customers are supplied with a selection of basic security tools, including SSL certificates, firewall configuration, and VPN access.

Billing and Payment Policies

HostingVisa's service contracts are calculated on a 1-year, 2-year, or 4-year basis, with discounts applied for longer term contracts. Customer may choose to be billed either annually or monthly, and payments can be made using PayPal, Money Remittance, or Local Bank Deposit/Transfer.

What We Couldn't Find

HostingVisa's services are targeted towards businesses and individuals looking for simple web-hosting solutions, and as such technical information on the nuts and bolts of the firm's operations are relatively scarce. As a cloud-based web-hosting service, it is expected that HostingVisa would employ multiple servers and a variety of datacenters to power their services. While the company clearly states that they rely on "hundreds of servers and datacenters located all over the world," it is unclear if they have a financial interest in those datacenters or are merely renting space from other companies. There is also no specific information provided concerning their server hardware, specifically the types of processors used and whether they depend on SSD or HDD storage.


HostingVisa offers basic web-hosting services for small businesses and independent entrepreneurs. While their worldwide network of datacenters ensures a global reach for their clients, their services are probably best suited for smaller enterprises with minimal IT experience and resources. Larger online operations demanding a greater level of service and support may find HostingVisa somewhat lacking, but for those with limited financial and IT resources the firm provides a neat and affordable solution to their web-hosting needs.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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