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IlTuoSpazioWeb Introduction

IlTuoSpazioWeb is a web hosting company based in Rome, Italy. It was founded by an individual whose goal is to help the user navigate through the "electronic chaos" of the Internet. The company takes pride in its Italian team and desires to constantly improve its services. Customers seeking hosting services from IlTuoSpazioWeb may also be relieved to know about the company's commitment to the environment and use of 100% renewable energy.

Services and Specializations

Instead trying to offer multiple services, IlTuoSpazioWeb focuses on offering a limited set of shared hosting plans along with domain registration and SSL certificates. The company targets individuals and small businesses who don't have extensive technical experience but need hosting at competitive rates.

IlTuoSpazioWeb offers a basic set of shared hosting plans ideal for customers just starting out. Similar to other shared hosting plans, the company's introductory plan offers a small amount of disk space, limited bandwidth, and a single domain that is ideal for customers who do not expect much traffic. Customers needing even more resources should consider advanced plans that offer more bandwidth and disk space as well as allow for more domains. All the plans include an SSL certificate plan. However, customers who want to have an ecommerce website should consider a plan that includes private SSL.

Besides having a set of introductory plans, the company offers advanced shared hosting plans, which the company labels as "semi-dedicated." According to the company, these plans are similar to VPS and dedicated hosting plans but cost less. The "semi-dedicated" plans offer similar features to the basic plans such as email and databases along with limited amounts of disk space. However, these plans feature unlimited bandwidth and domains, and include shared SSL.

All plans offered by the company feature support for cPanel software which allows customers to manage their website. In addition, email accounts that are part of the hosting packages support common protocols including IMAP, SMTP, and POP3. Customers can check their email through the web using common interfaces such as SquirrelMail or RoundCube. All the company's plans also feature the ability to perform quick installations with Softaculous. Using this feature, customers can install and manage major packages such as WordPress and Drupal.

Infrastructure and Uptime

IlTuoSpazioWeb does not reveal many details about the servers it uses. However, the datacenters the company uses are located in the US and UK. They are also environmentally friendly since the electricity used to power them comes from 100% renewable sources and efficient cooling methods are used. For most of its plans, IlTuoSpazioWeb offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If this guarantee is not met, customers may be eligible for a bill credit.

Support and Customer Service

IlTuoSpazioWeb wants to provide high quality support with fast response times through its expert technical staff. Customers looking for help can contact support by opening up a support ticket or sending an email. To help the customer even further, the company has posted many articles and video tutorials on common technical issues. Though a phone number is posted on the website, it appears that email and support tickets are the preferred ways to contact support. Customers posting a ticket during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 am - 8 pm) will have a guaranteed response within 2 hours.


Customers selecting plans from IlTuoSpazioWeb can choose to pay monthly. If customers want to save money, they can pay at least a year up-front. Like many web hosting companies, IlTuoSpazioWeb accepts a few payment methods including Bank Draft and major credit/debit cards via PayPal. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers not satisfied with the service. Provided that certain conditions are met, customers may be eligible for bill credits if the company does not meet its uptime guarantee or if a timely response is not received from support during normal business hours.


IlTuoSpazioWeb is a web hosting company based in Rome, Italy that offers a set of simple, yet focused service plans for shared hosting and SSL certificates. The company takes pride in its Italian team and its services are ideal for individuals and small businesses in Italy that need to get site up and running quickly at a low cost.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

ilTuoSpazioWeb Hosting Plans

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Baby cPanel MySQL 24/7 Support Softaculous Shared Hosting 1GB 10GB $3.24/month
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