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InterNetX Introduction

InterNetX GmbH is based in Munich, Germany but has staff spread out across the globe. The company has been online since 1998, and was founded by Hakan Ali - who today serves as the CMO of the company. Thomas Morz has been CEO since 1999. Today in addition to the business headquarters, Munich is also home to InterNetX's Tier 3 data center. The company currently host millions of domains, thousands of domain names and thousands of servers.

InterNetX offers three core services to its customers: domain name registration, SSL certificates, and server hosting.


The main services provided by InterNetX are domain name registration, SSL certificates, and server hosting. In addition to business to business services, each of the hosted technology solutions available from InterNetX are available on a reseller basis.

When it comes to domain registration services, InterNetX provides a domain management solution, trademark protection as new ccTLDs are issued, and a white labeled ecommerce application for domain names called DomainShop.

Server hosting services from InterNetX can be applied to bare metal servers provided and powered internally, cloud servers spun and hosted internally, and server hosting of your equipment in their Tier 3 facility. They work with a variety of commercial and open source server providers, and probably have the expertise necessary to handle your job - custom or standard.

SSL certificate services from InterNetX help businesses make sure their data is encrypted in a reliable manner. In addition to a standard SSL manager, the company also offers security certifications, extended validation certificates and True Business certificates to help your visitors verify you are an official business location.


InterNetX specializes in business technology services and reseller hosting of domains, SSL certificates, and servers. The company does not actively market its products to consumers looking for hosting services for a personal website or blog.


InterNetX's network has pretty intense requirements in order for it to maintain a status as a Tier 3 data center. According to their website, they maintain multiple redundant connections that carry a total bandwidth of more than 50 Gb/second!

In addition to their own DarkFibre City Ring - which they describe as a connection to POPs, INXS, and DeCIX Muc 1 - they also maintain connections to four carriers - M-net, Deutsche Telekom, Global Access and Level3.


Due to the status of its data center as a Tier 3 facility and also because of the nature of the business clients InterNetX supplies, their data center also needs to be very secure. While the data center is located in a European industrial park in Munich, the building is free-standing and surrounded by commercial companies. It has been positioned above ground level to protect client data from water, radiation, and vandalism, too! Since there are no industrial operations surrounding the property, the amount of risk of disturbance is incredibly low.

There is an alarm system installed on the property with detailed breakdown and hierarchies. When you arrive on the premises, InterNetX verifies your car license plate and personal identity. In addition to that, their door locks with contact surveillance and they have motion activated sensors and cameras in the rooms. They also provide a biometric access control system to the data center.

As another measure to protect the data center and its clients, InterNetX also has an earthing net and lightning protection in compliance with the local electrical engineering association.


As mentioned a few times above, the InterNetX data center is located in Munich, Germany, and is registered as a Tier 3 facility. With nearly everything a business in the know would require from its data center provider, InterNetX has all of the bells and whistles of first-class data centers located across the globe. Their equipment meets high standards needed to protect the climate of the data center, the power supply, and the hardware contained inside its rackmounts. As we also mentioned above, the bandwidth of its network is over 50Gb per second, so speed shouldn't be an issue either for companies utilizing thier colocation services.

And because being secure with crazy performance specs isn't enough, InterNetX's data center is also eco-friendly and energy efficient. According to their website, data center clients can expect to save up to 30% on energy costs due to the placement of their cold aisle containments - compared to standard solutions. The data center is also 100% powered by hydropower systems.


InterNetX sells a lot of domain names and SSL certificates, according to their website. But the major investments they have made in their infrastructure and data center make it hard to resist their server hosting services, also. If you are a business looking for an offsite server hosting provider, you could do much worse than colocating at InterNetX.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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