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KTCHost Hosting Introduction

Formed by tech gurus from Silicon Valley, KTCHost offers its customers many different hosting packages that are reliable and cost effective. The company is trusted by many big industry names and its team of experts deliver "key domain strength" to provide "quality and cost effective services."

Services and Specializations

KTCHost offers its customers many different options to choose from in terms of hosting plans and they include shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. Customers who seek technical expertise can also take advantage of KTCHost's expertise in many different areas. The company primarily targets small and large businesses for its services.

Customers can get a website up and running with shared hosting plans from KTCHost. These plans feature varying amounts of disk space and unlimited bandwidth along with a number of MySQL databases. Customers can also elect to have multiple domains on the same account to host a number of different websites. They can also have some email accounts to mail customers and clients. Different control panels are supported by the shared plans including cPanel and Plesk for easy administration and setup. For fast transfer speeds, CloudFare can also be enabled. Besides shared hosting plans, the company offers blog hosting services specialized in WordPress.

In addition to shared hosting plans, KTCHost also provides reseller plans for customers who desire to own their own hosting business or want to host client websites. The reseller plans are similar to shared plans in that they have varying amounts of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Reseller hosting services from KTCHost are also on the CloudFare network and feature support for WHM Control Panel for account management and SSL certificates.

For websites processing a large number of visitors, KTCHost offers many different VPS plans for its customers. Unlike the shared and reseller plans, VPS plans feature dedicated resources such as varying amounts of RAM, SSD disk space, and CPU cores. Customers can choose a version of Windows or Linux to install on their virtual servers that come with at least a single IP address and high speed links. Customers needing even more resources can order dedicated server plans from KTCHost. Like the VPS plans, the servers have varying amounts of disk space and RAM along with a dedicated processor. The dedicated plans also support Linux and Windows and feature much greater bandwidth.

Besides providing hosting plans, KTCHost offers multiple services that customers can take advantage of. For example, the company offers SAP consulting, disaster recovery, and web development services. In addition, backup services and SSL certificates are sold by KTCHost.

Infrastructure and Uptime

KTCHost uses servers housed in datacenters located in the US and Asia. The datacenters are designed so that they are redundant. Because of the significant investment the company makes to provide a 99.95 uptime guarantee, customers can enjoy reliable service for most plans.

Support and Customer Service

Customers needing help to handle issues can contact KTCHost through online chat, email, support tickets, and online form submission. They can also call up the company or consult the knowledgebase.


With KTCHost, some plans allow customers to pay either monthly or upfront quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. By paying upfront, customers may be entitled to a slight discount. The company can accept many different payment options including PayPal, AxisBank, and PayUMoney.


KTCHost, a subsidiary of Kaizen Software Solutions, provides its customers with many different hosting plans along with consulting services. Customers seeking reliable hosting and anticipate a need for additional expertise will find much to like about KTCHost.

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