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Location:Sao Paulo, Brazil

Locaweb Introduction

Locaweb is a Brazilian web hosting company located in Sao Paulo. It was founded in 1998, and was the first web services company in Brazil. Now it has roughly a quarter million customers, and hosts over 650,000 domains. It provides services to individuals, multinational corporations, and everything in between.

Locaweb is also committed to social responsibility. They partner with a number of NGOs and work for sustainable economic development. They are also committed to low environmental impact procedures at their datacenters.

Services & Specializations

Locaweb provides standard Linux/Apache and Windows/IIS hosting with the standard features and tools. But all of their plans come with unlimited disk, transfer, and sites. So they are like a limited kind of reseller account. Standard reseller accounts are recommended for this purpose, however. They are available with both Pleck and cPanel management.

Managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting are available from Locaweb. There are limitations, however. Hardware cannot be added to existing servers. If you want more hardware, you must move to a new server. This requires a 30 day notice. The minimum contract period is 3 months, and it takes 3 business days to set up a dedicated host.

Locaweb is much more focused on their cloud hosting services. They are available with either Linux or Windows. The base plan includes 50 GB of disk space, 175 GB of monthly transfer, and 2 GB of memory on 2 virtual-CPUs. These can be increased to 32 GB of memory on up to 8 virtual-CPUs. They also offer their Jelastic Cloud -- an on-demand cloud platform charged on a per hour basis. All cloud platforms offer MySQL and PostgreSQL databases; Microsoft SQL Server is available for licensing.

In addition to these services, Locaweb offers specialized audio and video streaming services. They offer set plans supporting up to 2,000 concurrent listeners or 1,000 concurrent viewers.

Infrastructure / Datacenters / Network

Locaweb maintains two of its own datacenters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are tier-III certified with 60 Gb/s bandwidth. Currently, they host more than 6,000 physical servers. They also have a datacenter in Miami.

Exchange points are physical infrastructures that link internet service providers and content delivery networks. Locaweb maintains a 20 Gb/s internet exchange point as part of the PTT Metro.

The two Locaweb datacenters in Sao Paulo are maintained at 70° F with a maximum of 3.6° variation. They are also staffed 24/7.

In addition to the technical side of web hosting, Locaweb is dedicated to environmental quality. Their main datacenter (also their corporate headquarters) is the largest "green" data center in Latin America. Their commitment to the environment includes the use of environmentally friendly air conditioning, local power usage only in emergencies, recyclable batteries, and dynamic balancing and optimization to reduce cloud power consumption.

Support and Customer Service

Locaweb offers 24/7 support via online chat and telephone in addition to a helpdesk and email support. They also provide an impressive collection of help documents, a wiki, and almost a hundred help videos. Locaweb even produces a magazine and newsletter. For problems that are not solved via these tools, Locaweb offers an electronic ombudsman system.

For users who want to diagnose their own problems, Locaweb has Statusblog, a realtime tool that allows users to monitor the status of their servers.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring

Locaweb takes security especially seriously. They provide automated systems to detect online attacks. They also use redundant firewalls.

But they are just as vigilant regarding the physical safety of their systems. Their datacenters are manned by security staff as well as video systems. Differential access is controlled by biometric equipment. They also have extensive systems for fire prevention, detection, and extinction.

Locaweb provides 24/7 monitoring of its servers. They provide RAID system on their dedicated hosts. And both active and passive backup systems are available.

Uptime Guarantee

Locaweb does not offer any explicit uptime guarantee for its shared hosting. For dedicated hosting, it guarantees 99.8% uptime. This is only for the hardware itself -- not problems with the operating system. The uptime guarantee for cloud servers is 99.9%.

Billing & Payment Policies

All Locaweb prices are given in Brazilian reals. They accept payments via bank transfers and credit cards. Apart from dedicated servers, services can be canceled at any time. Computer data files are stored for 7 days after cancellation.


Locaweb is a great choice for web services in Latin America -- and specifically Brazil. They offer the very best technology, which they are constantly upgrading. Their base infrastructure is among of best in South America. What's more, they have a strong commitment to security -- both online and in their physical presence. And Locaweb provides excellent support tools.

In addition to all of this, Locaweb's approach to hosting with its shared and cloud based plans make it a very attractive options for users who host multiple websites.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Locaweb Hosting Plans

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Hosting I WordPress PHP Linux MySQL 24/7 Support Unlimited Unlimited $4.33/month
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