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Last reviewed Jun 15, 2016

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it is my honor to work with dear zarif, expert and exprienced management of mashhadhost co. The mashhadhost co that I worked with since 3 years ago was developing during the time and work better and better everyday and I have to say thanks to all folks of team and guys who collaborate and support in mashhadhost co.

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Mashhadhost Introduction

Mashhadhost, named after the town in Iran it is located in, was founded in 2003 as a hosting services company. Mashhadhost is especially proud of the personnel it employs and the experience it has in a wide range of technologies such as SMS, email hosting, and foreign exchange. The company also has experience in implementing solutions for a various organizations including governments, universities, and private companies.

Services and Specializations

Since Mashhadhost has been in business for many years, it has been able to provide services to many different clients and industries. As a result, its service offerings have grown from providing standard web hosting services to additional services involving email hosting and consulting for website and graphic design. The company's target market mainly involves private companies and public organizations based in Iran looking for low-priced hosting.

Mashhadhost offers many plans to choose from for its shared hosting. Customers can choose shared Linux or Windows plans that are hosted locally or abroad. Depending on the plan selected, the Linux shared plans feature support for MySQL, JSP, Tomcat, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. The plans vary on the amount of disk space and bandwidth allowed and feature email and sub-domains as well. Similar to Linux shared hosting plans, Windows hosting plans also vary on the amount of bandwidth and disk space. In addition to software and scripting languages supported by the Linux servers, Windows hosting features support for ASP.NET, SQL Server, IIS, and Silverlight. Like the Linux plans, multiple sub-domains and email accounts are also allowed.

In addition to shared hosting plans, Mashhadhost features a number of plans for VPS and dedicated servers. These plans provide more resources for hosting and allow customers to choose either a version of Windows or Linux with support for OpenVZ and Xen virtualizations. The plans also come with a dedicated amount of RAM, a number of dedicated IP addresses, and more disk space. Even though the company states that there is unlimited bandwidth, there is a maximum authorized limit present which is 500 GB per 1 GB of memory. Besides VPS plans, customers can select from even more powerful dedicated server plans. Like the VPS plans, the dedicated server plans come with different types of processors and different amounts of RAM and disk space. Also, the dedicated servers allow for installation of either Windows or Linux operating systems. Some dedicated servers feature truly unlimited bandwidth and allow customers to setup firewalls and perform routine server tasks such as checking logs or adjusting configurations.

Other Services

Besides hosting services, Mashhadhost offers services for web design. In addition to offering website templates, the company has professionals versed in multiple web technologies including PHP, HTML, HTML5, and CSS. To get more information on pricing, customers will need to get in touch with sales. Besides design services, the company offers SSL certificates and Plesk licenses.

Infrastructure and Uptime

Even though Mashhadhost presents a variety of plans using different hardware configurations with speeds as high as 1 Gbps, the company does not provide much detail on its infrastructure. Based on information from its plans, the company uses servers based in Iran and throughout Europe. Also, the company does not provide a guarantee on uptime on any of its plans.

Support and Customer Service

In case something goes wrong or a technical question arises, customers can reach out to Mashhadhost for help through multiple channels including contact form, email, phone, and support tickets. To get support, customers should contact the company during regular support hours on most days except Thursdays.


The plans offered by the company are mainly billed on a monthly basis though some services such as SSL certificates and domain registration are billed yearly. However, the method of payment is unknown as the shopping cart nor the website clearly identified acceptable ways to pay.


Mashhadhost, an Iranian hosting company, provides a wide variety of hosting options including shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting. The plans allow the customer to choose from a variety of local and foreign servers to host their websites from. Small businesses and individuals in Iran looking for a reliable hosting provider with flexible plan options may find Mashhadhost to be a great hosting service.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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