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Alex Baeza baezaconsulting.com


I've been a customer of Micfo for several years, I've only stayed with them because I keep hoping things will get better and I'm too lazy to move my websites.
The uptime is very bad, my websites are frequently going down. I have a VPS container and my IIS server says the sites are all running, but the internet doesn't show them. Usually I have to reboot the conner to get things working again.
Micfo has moved my VPS to new servers and new data centers half a dozen times, and I've been forced to change my IP addresses each time. They usually mess something up and all of my hosted websites are usually down for a day while they fix something they forgot to do during the migration.
Recently they moved my VPS again. This time they couldn't fix the problems and I have a useless VPS, two of my clients had down websites that micfo couldn't fix, and they lost the backup, so I couldn't even restore them to the way things were before the move.
Horrible horrible service, but I suppose it's pretty cheap. You get what you pay for i suppose.
As for me, I'm done with micfo, and not looking back.

John nerch empremta.net


Lots of problems with Micfo.com services, from several technical problems , reliability problems, lots of problems with pop3 accounts. And don't buy never a lifetime hosting that from time to time they are selling. Very bad experiences. You can easily find better hosting companies from the same or lower price. Regular technical services , some times a problem arise the problem persist in time and you are losing precious time and money!
Sometimes they servers are hacked, no comunications from their part.
When they do some migration stuff, be prepared, pray to be iluminated and that you haven't problems in all you scripts and accounts.
I have several hosting accounts in other companies and micfo really it's bad, all the price that you think that are saving when you buy a micfo hosting package, it's precious time that in a near future, when a problem arise, you will lose in order to put it all together again to run correctly.
Last time that they have serious problems in their systems,we, all their clients hosting packages were offline during several hours, so their backup and balanced systems are poor very poor.
So it's easy to find a better host, use google to find other users reviews, and I'm sure that you'll not have a bad experience with Micfo

Sameer Panjwani statisticalforecasting.com


NIGHTMARE!!! My site just disappeared one fine day! My site was accessible till around the 5th of December and it's not a site I check regularly but when I checked recently I noticed it was not loading. So I opened a support ticket with them and they said they had some server migration and that the data is lost, they can't even trace my website (can you believe that), and what's worse they dont have backups!!! So basically I've lost my site, my traffic, my rankings, my revenue and they don't even apologise. They just keep saying they cannot do anything. I am still in a state of shock as to what to do. It's crazy!!! PLEASE DO NOT HOST WITH THEM!

Their support team is of no help and they refuse to offer any sort of compensation either. Learnt a hard lesson, keep check of all your sites at all times and also take regular backups, can never trust your host!

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Micfo : Our Expert Opinion

Micfo Introduction

Micfo is a global web hosting business based in New York, USA. The company has been operating since 2002 and currently utilizes servers located in six different locations across America.

Micfo offers a variety of hosting services and does not seem to specialize in any particular field.

Micfo Hosting Plans

There are three web hosting plans from Micfo. Each plan allows customers to choose from Windows or Linux based hosting with no extra charge.

● The Boundless plan is the low cost option which limits the customer’s disk space to 70 GB and monthly bandwidth to 700 GB. This plan allows customers to host one domain and 10 databases only. ● The Limitless plan provides unlimited space and bandwidth and supports up to 10 domains and 50 databases. This plan also comes with a Dedicated IP address. ● The Infinity plan is a step-up from the Limitless plan and allows for unlimited domains and databases and comes with a SSL certificate on top.

Reseller hosting is available through three different plans from Micfo. Again, customers have a choice of Linux or Windows hosting. ● The Seamless plan comes with 30 GB disk space, 1,000 GB monthly bandwidth, 2 dedicated IP addresses and allows for unlimited domains. ● The Flawless plan ups the disk space to 40 GB and bandwidth to 2,000 GB. In addition, customers get a free website builder. ● The Eternity plan increases the disk space to 100GB and bandwidth to 3,000 GB. Customers also get a free SSL certificate and a billing system to run their accounts.

Micfo offers a choice of Windows or Linux based VPS hosting, with a choice of control panels to go with it. There are three VPS plans available.

● The Endless plan provides 1 GHz processing power with 512 MB RAM (burstable up to 1 GB), 40 GB disk space, 1,000 GB bandwidth and 2 dedicated IP addresses. ● The Timeless plan ups the disk space to 60 GB, processing power to 1.5 GHz and RAM to 1 GB (burstable up to 2 GB). Customers also get a free SSL and unlimited bandwidth. ● The Eternal plan goes a step further, with 90 GB disk space, 2 GHz processing power and 2 GB RAM (burstable up to 4 GB).

Micfo also has a fairly comprehensive list of options for customers to build a dedicated server to their own specifications. Customers can choose to install a wide variety of Linux or Windows based operating systems on their box.

There is also an affiliate program, allowing Micfo customers to earn money through successful referrals.

Micfo Uptime/Downtime

Micfo guarantees all of their customers 99.9% uptime, backed by a SLA. The SLA indicates that should uptime fall below 99.9% in any given month, the customer will be credited with 5% of their monthly bill for every 45 minutes under the guarantee that the server is down (up to a maximum of 100% of the customer’s monthly bill).

Micfo utilizes server space in six different data centres in America: New York, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles and Atlanta. All feature secure access, climate control and redundant power systems.

The network is also staffed 24 hours a day and protected from denial of service (DDOS) attacks. The team back up all data on a daily basis and customers can access the backups through the control panel.

Micfo Support

Micfo customers are supported 24 hours a day with live chat, a toll free helpline and email ticketing. Customers are guaranteed a response within 25 minutes of submitting a support query.

In addition to its support channels, Micfo provide a blog site, knowledge base and a range of video tutorials for customers to find information to help them run their website. There isn’t a Micfo Facebook page, but there is a Twitter account. The Twitter account appears to be used solely for responding to customer queries, rather than advertising, which is a good sign.

Micfo in the News

Micfo have attracted little attention, good or bad, in the media. I checked most major news sources and didn’t find any press about them, so it looks like they’re fairly reliable.

Micfo Control Panel

All of Micfo’s Linux based shared hosting plans come with the latest version of cPanel. Its Windows based shared hosting plans come with Plesk. VPS customers can choose which panel they want for an additional cost.

Both cPanel and Plesk are well known and familiar control panels which hosting customers should have little problem with. The Micfo website also provides a useful video demo of each panel, should customers want to take a look before buying. Micfo Extras

All of Micfo’s hosting plans come with a free website builder, allowing for one-click installs of applications such as PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart and more. Linux plans also support Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python and more.

Unusually, customer get free access to daily backups of their site.

Micfo Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Micfo offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee should their customers be dissatisfied with the services they receive. Customers must submit their cancellation request in writing to the the billing department to receive a full refund, minus any additional costs and fees for services they have purchased.

Micfo Summary

On the face of it, Micfo appears to be a reasonably standard web hosting company which plays it fairly safe. It is are entirely focused on hosting and does not offer additional services such as website design.

Whilst the 30 day guarantee is relatively standard for the industry, it’s nice to see these claims backed by a clear SLA. The daily backup is also something which its competitors don’t often offer (or if they do, they don’t make it that obvious).

Micfo’s services will appeal to small and mediums sized businesses, particularly those looking to maintain a good online presence in America. Its widespread server farms will be well suited for many US businesses looking to host their websites on servers close to their target market.

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Micfo Hosting Plans

Hosting PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice 
Windows Plesk StarterView Plan
Windows Plesk IntermediateView Plan
Windows Plesk EnterpriseView Plan
Boundless70GB700GB$4.00/monthView Plan
LimitlessUnlimitedUnlimited$5.00/monthView Plan
Infinity$6.00/monthView Plan
Seamless30GB1000GB$20.00/monthView Plan
Flawless40GB2000GB$30.00/monthView Plan
Eternity100GB3000GB$40.00/monthView Plan
Endless40GB1000GB$40.00/monthView Plan
Timeless60GBUnlimited$60.00/monthView Plan
Eternal90GBUnlimited$80.00/monthView Plan
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Micfo Features

Looking for specific features? This host offers...

  • Email Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Online FAQs
  • Support Forum
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