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NetCetra Introduction

NetCetra is a company based in New Jersey in the US, offering a range of hosting services from its chosen datacenter in Washington state. In addition to hosting, it also provides a broad range of marketing and design services tailored for small businesses and internet entrepreneurs.

The company was founded by James Mahlmann, a certified Google Partner, who is involved with a variety of businesses and organizations in the Ocean County area of New Jersey. James founded NetCetra in 1994, and the company now claims to have thousands of customers in the US, and beyond.

Services and Specializations

NetCetra offers shared website hosting on Linux; the website specifies CentOS as the operating system of choice. VPS hosting is also available, as are dedicated server plans. Both VPS and dedicated hosting can be arranged on Linux or Windows Server 2012.

No prices are displayed on the NetCetra website, so customers need to contact the company directly for availability and costs. This is in tune with the personal service that the founder appears to offer as part of the deal.


From its website, it appears that NetCetra has around 300 servers in the Vivio Technologies data center in Walla Walla, Washington. The facility benefits from battery backups, natural gas generators, Trane air conditioning, and wind power.

On its website, NetCetra says that Walla Walla is ideally located away from areas where natural disasters are likely to occur. There are more details on the Vivio website.

Support and Customer Service

NetCetra guarantees its customers support 24/7. Non-emergency support is provided via a ticket system, and customers must log in to report issues.

Additionally, NetCetra has an emergency support option which appears to connect the user directly with the datacenter team, effectively bypassing NetCetra's own support. The host clearly states that non-emergency support is not permitted via this method.

Uptime Guarantee

NetCetra offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all of its hosting plans. If any customer's site is down, and that downtime pushes availability below 99.9% for a given month, the customer will receive a credit on their bill. The maximum credit is 50%, and customers must file a claim for the credit within 7 days of the downtime.

Billing and Payment

NetCetra customers can pay their invoices via PayPal via its website. There does not appear to be a continuous billing package, and we could not tell whether customers could pay via other methods.


From our review, we can tell that NetCetra is a relatively small hosting provider that has forged a successful niche. The use of Vivio's Walla Walla datacenter will be of interest to businesses in the western United States. Without pricing, it's difficult for us to compare NetCetra with other similar providers, but it seems to have many loyal customers who enjoy good technical support and a solid uptime guarantee.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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