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NTT America Introduction

NTT America is the portion of NTT Communications that is focused on service to the United States and the Pan-Pacific region. They are both part of the much older Japanese telecommunications company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. Founded in 1999, NTT America provides high level hosting services: cloud, dedicated, and colocation -- as well of various services to facilitate them.

NTT America is focused on providing services for enterprises. They provide a certain level of standardization, but their primary model is to create customized systems for very demanding customers.

Services & Specializations

NTT America is focused on providing custom server solutions to enterprises. In this regard, they offer cloud, dedicated, and colocation services connected to the NTT Communications global network.

Cloud services are roughly divided into two categories by their billing model: monthly and on demand. They offer Cloudn, which provides access to their public cloud for a set monthly fee. They also offer Enterprise Cloud and Public Cloud, their private and public cloud services sold based upon resource usage.

NTT America will also create customized "single tenant" clouds for clients with their Hybrid Cloud. Such clouds can be any size necessary for the client's needs. They come with a 1 Gb/s shared public internet connection.

For non-cloud services, NTT America provides Nexcenter. This is the system of many datacenters around the world where dedicated and colocation servers can be installed. For colocation, NTT America provides the standard service as well as managed colocation for clients who need "a little extra help from NTT America to simplify management."

NTT America provides two kinds of managed server hosting: dedicated servers and managed virtualization servers using VMware.

As part of NTT America's focus on enterprise needs, they offer a line of Arcstar services. These are cloud-based services to allow employees in multiple locations to work together more productively. These include voice calls and mail, instant messaging, and video conferencing. There are other elements as well, such as employee presence management.

With servers covering over 150 countries, NTT America provides a very large and distributed content delivery network (CDN). Customers can choose the locations for cache servers to provide content in the fastest way possible.

Finally, NTT America offers a variety of other enterprise services like managed security.

Infrastructure / Datacenters / Network

NTT America maintains three datacenters in the United States: Virginia, New York, and northern California. They are all connected to NTT Communications' global IP network, which is the third largest internet backbone.

As part of NTT Communications, NTT America has access to 130 datacenters worldwide. These act as resources for customers looking for dedicated and colocation services.

The cloud infrastructure is distributed over that distribution of global datacenters, with over 10,000 people managing it. It is connected with a tier 1 network.

NTT America datacenters are maintained at 72°F with a maximum deviation of 2°. They are outfitted with laser based VESDA active smoke detection systems and FM200 (waterless) fire suppression.

Each of the main datacenters has at least 20 MW of power directly from the utility. These are supplemented with generators and UPSs. The power system is designed in an N+1 configuration for redundancy so that no system ever loses power.

Support and Customer Service

NTT America provides 24/7 customer service for all of its products. Telephone support is available in both English and Japanese.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring

All NTT America servers are constantly monitored by their Certified Engineering Center. Direct access phone support is available 24/7. They also provide a customer portal for monitoring and inventorying servers. NTT America provides the best server level agreement in the industry (see Uptime Guarantee below).

NTT America offers a complete set of data backup services that can be customized to meet customer needs. The standard service involves weekly full and daily incremental backups. For more flexibility, NTT America offers cloud backup.

All NTT America datacenters are manned 24/7 for security purposes. The facilities include video monitoring, biometric scanners, and contact free card systems.

Uptime Guarantee

For dedicated and colocation servers, NTT America provides a 100% uptime guarantee. In addition, they guarantee that packet loss will be below 0.1%. Finally, they guarantee a latency of less than 50 ms for their North American network, and less than 90 ms and 130 ms for their trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific networks.

Billing & Payment Policies

Because of its focus on providing customized enterprise services, NTT America sets up billing on an individual basis. Once that is done, billing works in the standard way. They also provide customer support for billing and payment problems.


NTT America provides web services for enterprise customers. It is part of the worldwide NTT Communications network, which spans 130 datacenters around the world. It provides great customization in terms of services. For companies with large needs in the United States and Pan-Pacific region, NTT America has a great deal to offer.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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