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PhoenixNAP Introduction

PhoenixNAP is a relatively new company, being founded in 2009. But in that time, they've become one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. They maintain datacenters across the United States and over to Europe, providing a particularly good platform for companies that straddle the Atlantic. With a customer service focus, PhoenixNAP provides a complete selection of high-end hosting services. They also provide tailored security and business oriented services.

Services & Specializations

PhoenixNAP provides a number of services beyond traditional web hosting, but hosting is their focus. Their core business is providing high level web hosting services. They provide no traditional shared hosting or domain registration.

Because of PhoenixNAP's extensive infrastructure, they offer a particularly flexible colocation service. Customers cannot only choose the physical location of their servers, they can also choose from a number of carriers for their network. In addition, PhoenixNAP offers locked cabinets that are expandable in terms of space, power, and bandwidth. There are also hardware leasing options.

PhoenixNAP offers dedicated hosting, which they refer to as "bare metal servers" to distinguish them from the virtual servers of a cloud. Bare metal servers are actual pieces of hardware that customers have complete access to. They offer a wide range of servers at each of their datacenters, with a large variety of options regarding memory, disk, bandwidth, and more. All servers come with Linux, freeBSD, or VMware. Windows Server 2008 and 2012 are available for extra fees.

Both public and private clouds are available from PhoenixNAP. The public cloud is oriented toward VMware-based virtual machines. It is built on top of PhoenixNAP's redundant network infrastructure for guaranteed reliability. It includes up to 20 Gb/s DDoS and virtual firewall protections. In addition, the virtual machines are load balanced. PhoenixNAP's Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) is based on vCloud to create a secure multi-tenant cloud environment. Cloud virtual machines are loaded with Linux but can run Windows Server for an additional cost. All cloud services are available on an hourly and monthly basis. PheonixNAP can also create a Managed Private Cloud (MPC). This is a single-tenant cloud created for the specific needs of the customer.

PhoenixNAP provides a number of other services that go along with their hosting. These include standard things like DDoS protection and specialized firewalls mentioned above. But they also include more business specific services such disaster recovery, credit card and customer privacy compliance, and more.

Datacenters & Network

PhoenixNAP maintains four datacenters. Three of them are in the US: Pheonix, Atlanta, and Virginia. And one is in Amsterdam. Their flagship datacenter is the one in Pheonix. It is a 160,000 square foot facility with point to point transfer to PhoenixNAP's datacenters in Virginia and Amsterdam -- the three datacenters that constitute the backbone of PhoenixNAP's network. Each of these datacenters are outfitted with N+2 power redundancy. (The Atlanta datacenter provides N+1 redundancy.) Because of this, PhoenixNAP provides a 100% uptime for its hosted servers.

All PhoenixNAP datacenters have multiple 10 Gb/s network connections provided by multiple carriers, including TeliaSonera, Cogent, GTT, and many others. In addition, they all have local internet exchanges running at 10 Gb/s. Because of the redundant design of their networks, it is up 100% of the time.

Support and Customer Service

PhoenixNAP provides 24/7 technical and account support via phone, email, and live chat. They guarantee a response of 20 minutes on all requests. They also provide a number of online resources. PhoenixNAP's staff are certified and the company has "ongoing customer success associates" to make sure that issues are resolved.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring

PhoenixNAP datacenters are very secure. All of their facilities are staffed 24/7 by technicians in their network operations centers as well as security personnel. Camera monitoring and motion detection are installed at each location. They also have multi-factor authentication systems, which include biometric, keycard, and pin security access. All of American datacenters are protected by "very early smoke detection alarms."

All of the PhoenixNAP infrastructure in monitored 24/7 -- both physically and automatically. Firewalls are available for individual or groups of servers. Cloud backup is available based upon data size requirements. And DDoS is provided free of charge for all servers up to 20 Gb/s.

Uptime Guarantee

PhoenixNAP guarantees 100% uptime with regard to power and network connections. They do offer service level agreements for different servers, but you will need to contact them for details.

Billing & Payment Policies

PhoenixNAP accepts payments in the traditional forms: credit cards and PayPal. All prices are listed in dollars, but PhoenixNAP takes payment in a number of different currencies.


PhoenixNAP provides hosting services for customers with more intense needs. With a strong infrastructure based in the US augmented with a datacenter in Europe, it is an especially good choice for customers whose businesses involve both sides of the Atlantic. They offer competitively priced cloud services provided on an hourly and monthly basis. And because of their extensive infrastructure, they can create high performance, custom designed single-tenant clouds for the most demanding customers.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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Bare Metal Server Dedicated Server Dedicated IP Unmanaged Unlimited Sites Live Chat Support Phone Support 500GB $58.00/month
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