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Last reviewed Jul 5, 2014

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PhotonVPS provided us with cPanel based web-hosting that at first worked out well. They provided SSH access so we can rsync data from our primary site. Our site's traffic is directed by a load balancer and only used PhotonVPS in the event that we had problems.

We test our load balancer by taking sites off-line. We took our primary cluster down to test PhotonVPS services 3 weeks after service was established and noticed that our account was suspended.

After contacting their support they said that they suspended our account due to spam. Being a Linux engineer, I recgonize that SPAM is a big problem and we do everything to limit SPAM. Being that we use a mail gateway on OUR networks to send mail from our "Custom" built forms, I did not believe their claim.

All our files were removed and they suspended our site without any warning or notice.

A good hosting provider typically will look at logs to discover the root cause of SPAM and either rename the file in question, change permissions, etc, then contact the customer to let them know of the issue for permanent resolution, but this never took place.

I personally believe that they accidentally deleted our account and used SPAM as an excuse because the RSA key that we used to sync data was no longer present.

If they would have provided an honest explanation, I may have brushed it off and re-sync the data from our primary servers.

One of the reasons we went with PhotonVPS, was that they provided SSH access (which we use to sync data between servers to keep files up to date). Today they said that they do not offer SSH due to security issues, but on their order page, SSH is offered to the Enterprise Web Hosting, which is the service we had.

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5 stars

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PhotonVPS are great because they provide top of the line hosting at great prices. I have been nothing but grateful for their service. They have incredible uptime, and their customer service is the best I have experienced ever. They answered my support tickets efficiently, and quickly. I love this company!!

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Location:Los Angeles, California USA

PhotonVPS Introduction

PhotonVPS is a US-based web hosting company, located in Los Angeles, California. They started offering shared hosting services in 2002, and began specializing in dedicated VPS solutions in 2009. In 2014, they became a recognized Fortune 1000 company and were named one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Services and Specializations

PhotonVPS specializes in business-class virtual private servers (VPS). They have several levels of VPS services available, depending on whether you need to host a simple website or a more complex business solution.

Single Website Hosting

If you’re just looking to host a website, they have 2 cloud-based plans, both of which include a dedicated CPU and RAM allotment. Because these are VPS plans and not shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about someone else’s website using up all your server resources or infecting your system with malware. This also means you’ll get a dedicated IP address, which, among other things, makes it possible to add an SSL Certificate, so you can host an online store.

These Linux-based plans include free DDoS Mitigation, to keep your site up and running in the event of a denial of service attack, and over 200 web scripts for popular programs such as WordPress, Joomla, and several eCommerce scripts, including CubeCart and PHP Point of Sale. 

Both plans include unlimited MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and email accounts. The enterprise plan provides additional disk space and bandwidth, the ability to host unlimited domains, SSH, SecureFTP, and a higher level of DDoS mitigation.

VPS Cloud Plans

If you need to host more than just a website, PhotonVPS also provides VPS hosting for Linux or Windows. Regardless of whether you need a Windows or Linux system, you can select from 6 server configurations, each of which includes instant setup, SSD storage, proactive server monitoring, DDoS Mitigation, and at least 100Mbps internet connectivity. 

Windows users can choose from Windows Server 2003, 2008, or 2012. Linux users have their choice of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora. Plans vary based on the amount of RAM, CPU cores, transfer rate, and storage capacity. The highest plans also add a 1Gbit internet connection. 

cPanel or Plesk are available on all but the base plans, though they can cost extra with some plans. It’s worth paying the extra, because with the purchase of a control panel, you also receive fully managed hosting. For an additional fee, you can also add a continuous backup service and additional DDoS protection.

Dedicated Servers

They also offer dedicated servers under the company name, Psychz Networks. There are 10 server configurations available, depending on your CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth requirements. All servers include Intel CPUs, root access, your choice of a variety of Linux or Windows operating systems, 100+ Gbps internet capacity. 

If you need a managed solution, they offer three add-on packages. Like their other services, dedicated servers include free DDoS Mitigation, and additional mitigation capabilities are available for an additional cost.

Forex Hosting

PhotonVPS also offers a unique Forex hosting service, which is available in 4 different server configurations. These are VPS plans and are specifically tailored for individuals or organizations that need to host their Forex trading platform.


PhotonVPS owns its own datacenters in Los Angeles and Dallas. Each data center is fault-tolerant, utilizing electrical power storage and independently dual-powered cooling systems.

Support and Customer Service

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via web interface or phone. They aim for 30 minute response times for all issues.

Security and Backups

PhotonVPS plans include proactive server monitoring, which helps customers monitor several types of scripts, including HTTP, SMTP, DNS, HTTP Custom Script, and many more. They also monitor your server every 30 minutes and notify you if something stops working.

Backup is available for an additional fee, through their Continuous Data Protection Backup Service. This service includes a quick restore feature, AES-256 encryption, onsite and offsite backups, and disk safe verification to ensure your files are uncorrupted. 

You can set your own data retention policy, depending on how often you need backups created or how long you want them stored for. 6 backup options are available, depending on how much storage space you need.

Billing and Cancellation Policies

All plans include a 30-day money back guarantee. During that period, you can cancel your account and receive a full refund. Cancellations after that must be provided at least 5 days before your next renewal. Renewal notices will be sent 10 days prior to the payment due date, and payments must be received by the due date, or your service may be suspended.


PhotonVPS offers business-class, VPS hosting at just about any budget, including plans that are priced similar to or less than many of their competitors' shared hosting plans. As one of the fastest growing companies in the US, they clearly recognize the need to satisfy their consumer and continue to improve their services and add new features as the demand arises. 

If you’re a trader, their Forex VPS hosting is a unique option you won’t find available through many other hosts.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

PhotonVPS Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Windows Cloud SSD - X ASP ASP.NET PHP .NET Framework Windows 2008 Windows 2003 20GB 2000GB $10.95/month
Usual price:
Forex 1 VPS VPS Forex 35GB 100GB $23.95/month
Usual price:

PhotonVPS Features

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  • Cloud
  • VB.NET
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Visual Studio .NET Express
  • Windows Media

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