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ProntoHost.Net Introduction

ProntoHost.Net is a web-hosting firm specializing in low cost web-hosting solutions for individuals and small business enterprises. The firm's primary focus is on secured shared hosting for clients with limited IT resources and restricted operational budgets.

For a modest monthly fee ProntoHost.Net will configure and deploy their customer's hosting environment, supporting the client's website performance with state of the art DDoS and HTTP protection as well as custom firewalls to guard against SQL injection and cross site scripting.

Services and Specializations

Currently, ProntoHost's services appear to be primarily targeted towards smaller operations, such as bloggers and small businesses looking to establish an online presence. To that end the firm offers a limited line of affordable shared hosting plans, each supported with the basic features one would expect from services in this class. Unlike some of their competitors, domain registration is not available, and clients will be expected to register their preferred domains independently. Otherwise, the firm's shared hosting plans offer a respectable number of features for the price point.

All of ProntoHost's shared hosting plans are built around the CloudLinux operating system, and feature unlimited bandwidth with Nginx acceleration for faster load and response times. Service plans run the gamut from entry level to business class and feature multiple email accounts and subdomains. SSD storage limits range from 2GB to 30GB, depending on the level of service, and all accounts benefit from reactive and proactive bot protection.

While the bulk of ProntoHost's services are clearly centered around shared hosting, the firm has recently branched out into cloud hosting and dedicated server options. The firm's VPS plans feature up to 20GB of SSD storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and KVM virtualisation for enhanced performance and stability. Currently the company offers a single dedicated server built on an Intel Xeon processor with a 2XTB HDD, unmetered bandwidth and optional DDoS protection.

Customer Support

ProntoHost's services are backed by a 7 day, no questions asked, guarantee. Technical support is available 24/7 via email, telephone, and online chat.

Payment Policies

Billing for all of ProntoHost's services are calculated on a monthly basis, and the firm accepts Bitcoin as their preferred method of payment.

What We Didn't Find

ProntoHost.Net provides no specific information regarding their server hardware or datacenters. There is also little in the way of information concerning onsite staffing or security protocols. It is unclear whether the firm owns and operates their own datacenters or rents space from another vendor, though the lack of any affirmative data would tend to suggest the latter.


ProntoHost.Net offers a limited line of affordable shared hosting services primarily geared towards the needs of small businesses and individual bloggers. It also offers added security features that may be of interest to larger website owners. But mostly, websites with smaller demands are the primary target of ProntoHost.Net. However, this may be changing.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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