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PSI Network, Inc. Introduction

PSI Network, Inc is a full service, telecommunications agency. Unlike traditional hosts with flashy marketing and targeted websites looking for the quick sale, PSI aims to create lasting relationships with business clients, assisting them with all of their communication-based purchases from local and long distance phone services to Ethernet connections and even cloud-based hosting.

PSI was founded in 1993 by the then VP of operations for Worldtel Communications, and originally only handled long distance, toll free services, and calling cards. In the mid ‘90s they expanded to providing internet services, and have gradually been expanding their offerings ever since. Now cloud-based services represent a significant proportion of their business. They now have over 3,800 clients in 38 states.

Services and Specializations

PSI is not a hosting company. Instead, they work with a variety of partners to ensure their clients get the exact services they need for their business. To make this possible, they don’t rely on the traditional package-based sales pitch. Instead they work one-on-one with every client, providing business coaches who will explain the various offerings available, assess your needs, and make suggestions for partners that can fill those needs.

You also do not have to pay PSI. They act similar to an employment agency, bringing together clients and companies, and then they receive a share of profits from the provider you select.

PSI works with over 100 cloud partners. Their Cloud Coaches will help you decide which services should remain on-site and which would better serve your organization if it were moved to the cloud.

They partner with infrastructure services to help customers set up public, private, or hybrid servers; cloud and virtual data centers; cloud storage; and cloud-based computing resources, including virtual desktops and on-demand RAM and CPUs.

They also assist clients with selecting and setting up the appropriate level of cloud-based security, including intrusion detection, penetration testing, and firewalls. Their partners can also assist with log management, access control, identity management, and event management.

They can also assist your organization with setting up a cloud-based email system, managing work with cloud-based applications such as Google Apps and Office365, and managing your own clients with cloud-based CRM software. And, of course, as a communications company, they can help you determine the best telecommunications platforms for your offices, call centers, and more.


PSI doesn’t have their own datacenters or server racks. Instead they work with over 100 cloud-based partners to find the perfect match for every client. Instead of you having to go straight to the web host, researching the various data center protocols and server specifications, PSI has a team of Cloud Coaches ready to assess your business and help you determine the solutions that will not only allow you to meet your business demands, but also save your company money. If you have specific needs in terms of network infrastructure, datacenter security, or uptime guarantees, they will help you find a host that fulfills those needs.

Support and Customer Service

Support for the hosting package you choose will be provided by the partner that you eventually select, after working with one of PSI’s coaches. If you need assistance dealing with the partner, PSI has a built strong relationships with all of them and can assist in making sure all your needs are being met.

Billing and Payment Policies

PSI does not charge clients for their services. Instead, they receive payment from the carriers or service providers you select. Because they receive a percentage of your payment, it is in their best interest to ensure you are continuously satisfied with the provider, or reassess your needs if a better option becomes available or your business situation changes.


Do you scour the web to price-compare car insurance quotes, or do you go to an insurance agent who can compare quotes from several different companies and find you the best deal?

If you prefer the traditional web hosting shopping experience, where you go to the company’s website, pick the plan that closest fits your needs, or at least that you think closest fits your needs, out of a handful of shared, VPS, and dedicated options, then PSI is not the right company for you.

However, if you believe in delegating tasks to the most qualified individuals, PSI coaches will sit down with your team, get to know your organization, assess your unique business needs, and help you find the hosting solution(s) that best fits all aspects of your business, whether that’s a single company fulfilling all of your cloud-based needs, or several different companies each providing a specialized service.

Even if you’ve never considered hiring a cloud coach, it’s worth considering. If you’re just getting your business started, chances are you’re already contacting someone to help choose the best telephone and internet providers in your area. Or if you’ve been established for years, it’s a safe bet you’re always looking for ways you can optimize those services and save some money. PSI can help with those services and give you advice about your cloud-hosting needs at the same time. And since they don’t charge for their services, it can’t hurt to give them a call.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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