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Pure Hosting Introduction

Pure Hosting is a UK based web hosting company that specializes in business-class hosting solutions. They utilize enterprise hardware and custom monitoring tools to ensure their shared, VPS, and dedicated servers maintain optimal performance.

Services and Specializations

Pure Hosting offers 4 shared server plans. Hosted on Enterprise Dell hardware with Intel Xeon processors, these shared plans feature RAID storage, 2048-bit RSA encryption, unlimited sub domains, daily backups, and AWSTATS web stats. All plans are available on Windows or Linux servers. Plans vary based on the amount of storage, monthly traffic, and number of email accounts they support. Their top-tier plans include a dedicated IP address, and their highest level adds a virtual FTP server.

Pure Hosting offers 3 VPS packages, all of which feature Xeon processors, Linux OS, Apache Web Server, full root access, and 10 Mbps bandwidth. Plans vary based on the number of virtual CPU cores, RAM, and storage space. Managed VPS plans are also available and include automated backups.

Pure Hosting supports both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, with 3 configurations available for each. Dedicated servers feature Dell Poweredge hardware, Xeon processors, SATA RAID storage, Linux OS, 1 dedicated IP address, 10 Mbps bandwidth, and full root access. Plans vary based on processor speed, number of CPU cores, RAM, and storage space. Managed servers include 24/7 monitoring, daily incremental backups of up to 1 TB storage, and weekly images of the entire machine.

It is a little surprising that plans do not come standard with SSD; however, Pure Hosting does offer custom packages if this is a concern. Custom configurations are available for all hosting plans.


Pure Hosting’s datacenters are ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and Tier IV certified. They feature multiple fiber-optic connections, UPS, autonomous backup generators, automatic cooling, and anti-fire systems.

Support and Customer Service

Standard support is available via telephone, live chat, and email during regular business hours. Emergency support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Security and Backups

Pure Hosting’s platform offers continuous monitoring of workload levels and instant restoration for non-responsible services.

Pure Hosting maintains regular backups for its servers; however, as with most hosts these are intended for recovery purposes in the event of a server failure. Backup sets are not available to replace data lost by the customer. All customers should create and maintain their own, off-site backup sets.

Uptime Guarantee

Pure Hosting offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. If Pure Hosting fails to maintain this service level, customers will be eligible for a credit toward their next payment.

Billing and Payment Policies

Pure Hosting accepts payment via PayPal and bank transfer. All plans are prepaid and automatically renewed. In the event of late payment, a late fee may be applied and service may be suspended.

Cancellation requests must be made within 30 days of your next renewal. Refunds are not available for cancelled services.

What We Couldn’t Find

There were a few details that we were unable to confirm:

  • It is unclear where Pure Hosting datacenters are located, and whether or not they are owned and maintained by Pure Hosting.
  • The specific control panel and Linux distribution provided with each server is not specified.


Pure Hosting offers a wide range of business class hosting, whether you’re looking for shared, VPS, or dedicated solutions. All servers are hosted on high-end hardware and are regularly monitored to ensure peak performance.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Pure Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Entry Windows ASP ASP.NET PHP MSSQL Windows Shared Hosting 10GB 10GB $8.71/month
Usual price:
Entry Linux WordPress PHP Linux Perl MySQL Shared Hosting 10GB 10GB $8.71/month
Usual price:

PureHosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum term for Pure Hosting plans?

    Yes. Since Pure Hosting specializes in business-class services, they require longer-term contracts than hosts that primarily target personal site owners. Shared plans have a minimum contract length of 3 months, and VPS and dedicated server hosting plans require a minimum commitment of 24 months.

  • Can I customize my server during the online ordering process?

    While Pure Hosting can create custom servers, this option is not available with an online order. In order to customize your server, you need to submit a customization request using their online quote system. When using the online ordering system, you first need to create an account with Pure Hosting, and then you can select from the packages featured on their website. Once you select your package, you are taken directly to the checkout/payment method screen.

  • Can I pay with a credit card?

    Credit Card payments are only accepted through PayPal.

  • Does Pure Hosting have a reseller program?

    Pure Hosting does not offer a reselling program. All servers are intended for personal use. If a VPS or dedicated server client chooses to resell or give away service to anyone else, they do so at their own risk and must ensure that their end users abide by the Pure Hosting terms of service.

  • Does Pure Hosting offer an affiliate program?

    Pure Hosting offers an affiliate program that pays commission based on the products each linked customer purchases.

  • Do Windows servers cost the same as Linux servers?

    All shared plans provide the option of either Linux or Windows servers, for the same cost. Windows servers are not available for VPS (unless requested as a custom order), and for dedicated servers there is an additional fee required for Windows Servers.

  • Is the information I provide Pure Hosting shared with any other companies?

    Pure Hosting may share registered user information with its trusted partners. These partners work on Pure Hosting's behalf to provide service and are bound by Pure Hosting's confidentiality agreement to not share that information with any third parties. Trusted partners may contact registered users on Pure Hosting's behalf with offers from Pure Hosting or their marketing partners.

  • What happens if I exceed the database limits on my plan?

    Customers who exceed their allowed database limit will automatically be billed for the additional usage based on the current rate. The additional usage will be applied at a monthly rate, regardless of how long you exceed your limit during the month.

  • Is there a limit to the resources I can utilize on shared plans?

    Shared plans are intended for hosting websites only, and cannot be used for storage, file sharing, or any other resource-intensive service not associated with your site.

  • Are there any restrictions on email accounts?

    Email accounts are intended to be used by the Pure Hosting client and cannot be resold. Email accounts cannot be used for SPAM or other unsolicited advertising or promotional material. In addition, Pure Hosting reserves the right to delete inactive mailboxes that have not been accessed in the past 180 days.

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