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Last reviewed Jul 25, 2016

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I love Quinten Hosting, because it is a personal trustworthy company that is helping us out whenever we need. The staff is really pushing their limits in order to make 100% uptime every month. I don't often have to contact their customer service, but if I do, they help me within 24 hours, mostly within 2 hours.

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Quinten Hosting Introduction

Quinten Hosting, a hosting company based in the Netherlands, was founded in 2004. Since then, it has merged with several hosting companies and is currently part of Dan Beeren Media. Even though the company is part of a holding company, customers will get service tailored to their needs. Quinten Hosting puts its customers first by providing "friendly," yet reliable services.

Services and Specializations

Quinten Hosting provides a number of hosting plans that primarily focuses on shared hosting. Its target market mainly consists of individuals and small businesses looking for quality hosting at affordable rates.

Customers or small businesses needing a simple website with enough space to design and present a few pages online, should examine some shared hosting plans from Quinten Hosting. Customers deciding on a shared plan from the company, will notice that the plans feature a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth. Some of the plans feature a "Website Builder" which allows customers to design their sites without having to learn a ton of programming languages. The company also allows for easy customization of settings through its support of cPanel. Besides supporting cPanel, the shared hosting plans support sub-domains. However, it is unknown whether or not the plans allow hosting for additional domains on a single account.

Customers just needing a domain name can stop by Quinten Hosting's website to register one. Several top-level domains are available including the .nl extension for the Netherlands. Besides the .nl extension, customers registering a domain can choose from hundreds of other extensions.

Infrastructure and Uptime

One of the most important aspects of a hosting company is its infrastructure. Unlike many other hosting companies which rely on remote servers located in other countries, Quinten Hosting uses datacenters based in Amsterdam. Since the company's datacenter is local, it allows problems to be solved quickly by local staff so customers experience minimal downtime. The datacenter is monitored 24/7 by certified staff which helps decrease the occurrence of issues. As a result of its efforts, Quintin Hosting offers a 99% uptime guarantee. If a downtime occurs, the customer could be entitled to a partial credit.

Support and Customer Service

One of the main goals of Quinten Hosting is to provide high-quality and timely support for its customers. The company has streamlined processes and implemented new protocols to help guarantee a 6 hour response time for any customer queries. Customers needing assistance from Quinten Hosting can get help through the phone, email, or contact form 24/7. Customers willing to do some research can also consult Quinten Hosting's knowledgebase.


Customers selcting plans from Quinten Hosting can choose to either pay a monthly or yearly bill. Paying a year in advance entitles the customer to benefits such as a monthly price discount as well as the potential to receive a free domain name. Customers can pay Quinten Hosting for its plans with a variety of methods including PayPal, bank transfer, and MisterCash.


For over a decade, Quinten Hosting has been providing shared hosting services to customers in the Netherlands. Customers selecting plans from Quinten Hosting can expect to get high-quality and personalized support with guaranteed response times. The company features local data centers that are constantly monitored by highly-trained staff to further enhance reliability. Customers looking for a stable hosting partner with affordable services will make a great choice with Quinten Hosting.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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