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Last reviewed Mar 9, 2016

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Have been using ReadySpace Services for 10 years now. No major issues and service have been always improving. With their Cloud Services initiative, it only helped me improve my traffic and open up greater opportunities for my business. They are committed to make what we want to achieve a smooth journey.

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ReadySpace Introduction

ReadySpace is a Singaporean hosting company. Founded in 2003, they serve over 10,000 businesses across the Asia Pacific, and in 2013 they expanded to the United States, opening operations in Dallas, Texas. They specialize in cloud servers and business solutions.

Services and Specializations

ReadySpace offers multiple cloud hosting solutions in the US. Cloud servers are Linux-based, hosted on SSD, include installations for many CMS platforms, and provide email monitoring and protection against Botnet and DDoS attacks. Plans vary based on web and email storage space, traffic allowance, and the number of domains they can host. ReadySpace accounts are designed for easy upgrades, so plans can be adjusted at any time from the control panel to accommodate additional needs or temporary spikes.

For companies that need a unique IP address or full root access, ReadySpace also offers cloud server packages. These can be configured with CentOS or a plan that includes cPanel or Plesk.

A cloud infrastructure option is also available, allowing businesses to control their own server cluster. This solution offers customers full kernel access, secure VPN access, and the ability to scale up or down at any time. For clients targeting South East Asia, Singapore-based cloud infrastructures are also available.

ReadySpace also offers Intel and IBM bare-metal servers. These plans allow customers to connect their local datacenter to ReadySpace, establish their own private clusters, and customize every element of their server, including the bios.

Beyond servers, ReadySpace also offers a number of business software-as-a-service applications, including:

  • Spam Expert, which provides 99.92% protection against spam and 100% protection against viruses for both incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Mobile Sync, a collaboration tool that allows businesses to sync email, appointments, contacts, and tasks across all their mobile devices.
  • Cloud Drive, an online storage and file sharing service.

Support and Customer Service

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via the user portal, email, live chat, or phone.

For companies that require more hands-on support, ReadySpace offers a variety of system and security management services, as well as IT and business consulting.

Uptime Guarantee

ReadySpace offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Billing and Payment Policies

ReadySpace accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, check, cash, or bank transfer.

Billing is based on daily billing blocks, rather than monthly or annual contracts, so customers pay only for what they use, allowing them great flexibility to upgrade or downgrade on demand.

What We Couldn't Find

There was some information that was either not available on their website or we were unable to verify:

  • ReadySpace does not provide specific information about their datacenters, such as location, hardware, or security specifications.
  • While they make reference to "custom made solutions" in their plan descriptions, there is no explanation for what those solutions might be for.
  • Their Terms of Service is not available on their website.


While relatively new in the US market, ReadySpace has a long history in East Asia, and an impressive record of customer satisfaction. Along with a full range of customizable server options, they also offer a variety of additional business solutions, making them ideal for companies looking for a complete online solution that includes website hosting, email management, online marking, and collaboration tools.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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Lite Plan Cloud 10GB 300GB $5.80/month
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