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Last reviewed Mar 4, 2016

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I have been a Customer with redIT for the past year and I have not faced a single issue with them. Their customer service has been what makes them stand out from any other host as well as being affordable. I would recommend redIT to anyone who is looking for expert service and efficiency with web/mail hosting.

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Red IT Introduction

Red IT is a hosting company based in the UK which offers plans that focus on DNS, web hosting, and SSL certificates. The web hosting and DNS plans are ideal for individuals on a tight budget who want to setup a simple website. Red IT is also a reseller of popular SSL certificates.

Services and Specializations

Red IT features web and DNS hosting plans as well as SSL certificates.

Red IT offers a very simple DNS hosting plan free of charge that does not have any disk space, bandwidth, or applications. The plan just manages various domain records such as CNAME and MX. Customers can upgrade the plan to a hosting plan at any time.

In addition to DNS hosting, Red IT also offers some limited web-hosting plans. All plans have unlimited bandwidth, but disk and database space is low compared to other hosting companies. The plans support PHP and CGI on a shared Unix platform and only allow for a single domain. Red IT guarantees instant access to the domain.

Besides hosting services, the company also sells SSL certificates. The certificates all offer 256 bit encryption with a 2048 bit root key. They come with a secure site seal and satisfy WebTrust compliance. The plans vary on the validity time period as well as the number of domains/sub-domains secured. Other plans offer quick issue and a flexible verification process.


Red IT uses Unix-based servers to power its services. Information about server hardware, datacenter locations, and communication services is unknown.


Backups are extremely important for most customers. Unfortunately, Red IT does not appear to offer backup services and customers selecting this hosting company should create their own backups.

Support and Customer Service

The company offers support via its contact form. Simply fill out your name, e-mail, and type of support needed along with a message. Although Red IT personnel should respond, response times are not guaranteed. In addition to a contact form, some articles are posted to the company's knowledge base for self-support.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is heavily dependent on the server hardware, network configuration, and datacenter infrastructure. The company does not provide these details nor do they guarantee an uptime.


Red IT bills customers on a monthly basis for its web-hosting plans. SSL certificates, on the other hand, are billed on a yearly basis. In spite of low hosting costs, including a free DNS hosting plan, Red IT gives 5-10% discounts for paying at least 3 months upfront. Customers paying at least 2 years upfront for SSL certificates receive similar discounts. Domains are not included with any of the plans and must be purchased separately. At this time, the company's only payment options are either PayPal or Stripe.


Overall, Red IT is a basic provider of web and DNS hosting services as well as SSL certificates. Its plans are simple and do not offer much disk or database space. Though these seem to be beginner hosting plans, PHP and CGI are supported so dynamic websites can be built. As a result, hosting plans from Red IT are best suited for individuals on a tight budget who can work with limited resources.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

redIT Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Dominic WordPress PHP MySQL Unix Shared Hosting 2GB Unlimited $1.45/month
Usual price:

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