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RTCOMM Introduction

RTCOMM is a Russian telecommunications company that provides
services to individuals, government, and corporate customers --
including smaller telecommunications companies. Founded in 2000,
it specializes in satellite communications. In fact, RTCOMM is
one of the top three VSAT providers in Russia. A large part of
their company is involved with telephone service.

They provide the full range of services from domain
registration through shared hosting to dedicated and cloud
services. Their satellites are used in conjunction with their
datacenters and ground based network to provide customized
enterprise systems for their customers as well as internet
connectivity to individuals and companies in remote areas.

RTCOMM also does a lot of work for the Russian Federation
government. For example, in 2011, they received the contract to
provide satellite internet throughout Russia for up to two
million customers at speeds of up to 15 Mb/s. In addition, they
provided the webcast for the 2012 Russian Federation presidential

Services & Specializations

RTCOMM provides the standard services for registering,
transferring, and managing domain names. They also provide shared
hosting services on both Linux and Windows servers. All packages
include MySQL and PostgreSQL access. Also included are the
standard web hosting tools. They also provide daily data backups,
restore services, and server monitoring.

Virtual private servers (VPS) are also available. These allow
clients complete control over their own servers with root access.
But multiple VPSs are hosted on a single physical machine.

RTCOMM provides both colocation and dedicated server products.
With colocation, client computers are hosted in RTCOMM
datacenters and given access to the RTCOMM network. Dedicated
servers are much the same thing, except that the servers are
rented on a monthly basis. RTCOMM offers the possibility of
purchasing dedicated servers.

Cloud services are available in two varieties. First, there
are Software as a Service (SaaS), which provides the hosting of
web based applications. Think: gmail. Second, there is
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which can provide any runtime
environment, but usually provides web hosting. The cloud is
distributed over the company's datacenters in Russia.

RTCOMM also provides autonomous system registration, internet
exchange routing, data backup services, and DDoS protection.

What most distinguishes RTCOMM from other web hosting
companies is their satellite communication services. They provide
satellite internet services to companies that want to add remote
offices to their virtual private networks. They also provide
direct satellite connections to individuals and businesses that
need internet service in areas where it is otherwise unable.

Infrastructure / Datacenters / Network

RTCOMM has four datacenters in Russia: Moscow, Rostov-on-Don
(just east of Ukraine), Novosibirsk (north of Kazakhstan) and Ufa
(northwest of Mongolia). They are each installed with UPSs,
environmental monitoring, and temperature and humidity control.
They are also kept under physical security.

The RTCOMM datacenters are connected to multiple redundant
internet backbones. The network connects to the wider world
through four parts of the European Internet Exchange Association:
LINX (London), AMS-IX (Amsterdam), DE-CIX (Germany), and Netnod
(Sweden). They also link with other Russian internet

RTCOMM also provides a satellite based telecommunications
system. It maintains capacity on eight different satellites that
cover the whole of Russia. These are linked to 13 different
satellite ground stations. They operate in the C and Ku bands.
The C-band is used for their trunk lines, for enterprise
services. The Ku-band is used for their direct internet
connection customers.

Support and Customer Service

RTCOMM provides support via telephone and email. They are
available directly through their network control center and their
management services data center. The company takes great care
with regard to staff and training. All support and sales is done
in Russian.

In addition to this, RTCOMM works closely with enterprise
customers to create customized networks and other services.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring

RTCOMM offers standard backup services on their servers. All
servers are monitored 24/7. They provide various forms of
security, including DDoS prevention.

Uptime Guarantee

There are no posted uptime guarantees on the RTCOMM website.
They do, however, provide their Quality Policy online. It states
that they maintain strict compliance with "international,
national and corporate standards."

In addition to their policies, RTCOMM establishes their
service quality with voluntary certification systems. They have
certificates for telecommunications services quality management,
internet based data, VPN multi-protocol label switch, and VSAT
data transmission.

Billing & Payment Policies

RTCOMM provides little pricing information online. The
exception to this is that they do provide detailed pricing
information about their satellite internet services. Pricing and
consulting are available through their regional offices. They can
be contacted via email or telephone during the regionally
appropriate normal business hours.


RTCOMM provides a full range of web hosting services from
shared hosting up through cloud application and website hosting.
They specialize in providing custom networks for enterprises. In
addition, they provide satellite services to expand internet
connectivity to remote locations. RTCOMM offers a unique
collection of services for customers in Russia and Eurasia more

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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