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Savant Digital Introduction

Savant Digital is not your average hosting provider. The company was founded to handle website and web app development at competitive prices, so hosting is just one aspect of its business.

In addition to hosting, Savant Digital offers application development services, website development, and business network optimization consulting. The company says small businesses are its main target audience, and this is reflected in Savant’s portfolio.

Services and Specializations

Due to its focus on small business owners, Savant does not offer hosting plans for power users. In case you need a custom, dedicated server, Savant probably won’t be able to cater to your needs.

The company offers four affordable shared and VPS hosting packages. The basic shared plan includes 500MB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth per month. It’s complemented by a managed shared hosting plan, under which Savant will handle all updates, address basic errors, and ensure that everything is optimized for peak efficiency.

VPS hosting also comes in two flavors; self-managed and professionally managed. Both plans come with 20GB of storage and 1TB of monthly bandwidth.

So what about development and network services? Savant showcases the latest website and app designs on its site, and offers development services for small businesses, mostly centered on e-commerce. In addition, Savant offers customers a chance to optimize their network environment with intranet services, network file sharing and so on.

Savant Digital Infrastructure

The Savant Digital website does not provide detailed technical information, hence it is not possible to comment on the company’s infrastructure.

To some extent, this is understandable, since Savant’s core business revolves around ancillary services. The company offers basic shared and VPS hosting plans, and they’re just one component of its business.

Support and Customer Service

Savant Digital relies on a simple ticketing system for support. The company website does not list any phone numbers for voice support.

Once again, the focus is on small businesses and direct communication with customers. However, lack of basic information related to tech support may be disconcerting for some potential customers.


Savant Digital is a small company, created to meet the needs of small business owners. It’s not a hosting company, it’s a digital service agency. As such, it specializes in application and web development, network consulting, and similar services.

Its hosting plans should be viewed as part of a wider business strategy. By offering hosting, development and consulting in one place, Savant Digital could be an interesting choice for startups, small businesses with big plans, and other potential customers who prefer to keep things simple and outsource much of their IT services to third parties.

Lack of infrastructure information could be somewhat problematic for high-growth businesses, as they may require a service that scales better.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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