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Key features

  • PHP
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • cPanel
  • Linux
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Servage One Introduction

Servage One got its name by combining the words “serve” and “age.” This represents serving their customers and using the most up-to-date technology. The company launched in 1998, and now serves nearly 200,000 websites. They use a clustered platform to maximize uptime and redundancy. They have only two pricing packages, one for each type of hosting they offer. The features and pricing couldn’t be any more straightforward.


A help desk is available to users round the clock. Support staff is available 365 days per year. The average response time for support requests is 20 minutes.


Servage One offers two very simple hosting choices: Web hosting or virtual private server (VPS) hosting. You will not find lists of dozens of plans here, just one simple plan per hosting type.

Web Hosting

This generous plan is perfect for individuals to businesses and includes a powerful set of features.

  • Variety of agreement terms; 3 months to 36 months
  • Linux
  • Free setup with contracts of 6 months or longer
  • Unlimited* disk space
  • Unlimited* bandwidth
  • Unlimited* domains; one free domain included
  • Web-based admin panel
  • Full DNS management
  • Own Cron Jobs
  • Webstats
  • Script installer
  • Free site builder
  • Unlimited* email accounts
  • SSL included
  • 99.98% uptime
  • Unlimited* websites
  • IPv6 support
  • 1000 MySQL databases
  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, CGI, PERL, Python
  • Flash support
  • EXIF support
  • XML support
  • SSI support
  • Private CGI-BIN
  • Zend Optimizer
  • Hotlink protection
  • phpMyAdmin
  • ImageMagick
  • FTP access
  • GD support
  • IonCube
  • cURL
  • Unlimited* IMAP, POP3, autoresponders, and newsletters
  • Webmail
  • Spam and virus filtering
  • SMTP server


This option is better if you need more configuration control than what you get with the web hosting plan.

  • Linux
  • One year agreement
  • One CPU
  • 600 MB RAM
  • 150 GB disk space
  • 5 TB traffic per month
  • Dedicated IP
  • Full root access
  • 99.98% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited* websites
  • Instantly available upon purchase
  • Flexible, easily configured
  • Allows any server side scripts


  • Simple plans; no complicated lists of features
  • Many unlimited* features
  • Constant support access with all accounts

*When hosts describe anything as “unlimited,” it is typically boundless except in cases of abuse. A user may be charged a penalty or be required to subscribe to a more robust package if they are overburdening the servers.


  • Setup fee for VPS
  • No live tech support
  • No fully managed options

The Verdict

Servage One is very specialized hosting with just a single package per hosting type. You will not find yourself bogged down with pages full of optional add ons. You also won’t find any fully managed options, premium support levels, or dedicated servers. While the pricing at Servage One may be enticing, you should be sure they offer all the features your business needs before signing up.

Last updated: 2016-12-14

Servage Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Web Hosting PHP Linux cPanel Perl MySQL Uptime Guarantee Unlimited Unlimited $6.45/month
Usual price:
VPS Hosting Uptime Guarantee Email Forwarding Help Center Live Live Chat Support Support Forum Phone Support 150GB 5TB $19.95/month
Usual price:

Servage Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a clustered server environment?

    If you were to have a website hosted by Servage it would not be located on a single physical server. Instead, it would be simultaneously hosted on several servers within a cluster of servers. When someone visits your website they are served the website from the server with the lightest load, and when one server fails, another picks up the slack.

  • Does Servage own their data center?

    Yes. The secured data center includes clustered servers in a redundant setup, four independent gigabit fiber optic links, and backup emergency power. No word on where that datacenter is located.

  • Is an uptime guarantee provided?

    Uptime with Servage over the last couple of years has been excellent. 99.98% uptime is guaranteed.

  • Are clustered server environments common?

    Servage claims to be the first web hosting provider to offer a clustered server setup for shared web hosting accounts, and they may still be the only one to offer clustered server hosting for basic affordable web hosting accounts.

  • What type of support is available?

    Support is available 24/7 primarily through a support ticket system. The location of the service group is not advertised, but we suspect it’s in Germany.

  • Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied by the service I receive?

    Yes. All account come with a 5-day money back guarantee. That doesn’t give you a lot of time to change your mind, so make sure you have this deadline in mind when you decide which billing cycle to sign up for.

  • How do I pay and how often do I renew?

    Five forms of payment are accepted: credit card, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, and cash. You can pay on a quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or bi-annual basis. The longer the billing cycle you select, the lower your monthly hosting rate will be.

  • Are there any limits to what I can host on my account?

    The only limitation on the type of site you can host on Servage is that no illegal content is allowed. So as long as your content is legal, you’re in the clear. Since Servage is a German country you’ll need to be certain your content is legal both in Germany and in the country where you are physically located.

  • Does unlimited bandwidth and disk space really mean unlimited?

    Yes and no. As long as you’re using your account for normal personal or small-business website hosting purposes you’ll be fine. However, if you’re using your hosting account for things other than what the account was intended for (file sharing, podcasting to millions of listeners, etc) then you may find your site pulled offline due to excess bandwidth use.

  • What control panel will I get with my web hosting account?

    Due to the clustered server environment, traditional control panels aren’t suitable for Servage accounts. Instead, you’ll get access to a proprietary control panel that is very straightforward and comes with some pretty cool features.

  • What is WebDrive?

    WebDrive is an application you can download that provides a direct link between your computer and your hosting account. When you install WebDrive a new drive will be created on your computer (S:). With WebDrive, you can save files to a directory on your computer and have those changes automatically updated to your website.

  • Can I use WebDrive for cloud storage?

    Yes! Unlike many hosting providers that discourage the use of their disk space to store personal files that are unrelated to your website, Servage actually advertises on their website that it is acceptable to use WebDrive to store documents, photos, and more. However, you will want to think about how to properly protect these files prior to uploading them.

  • Will I have access to easy one-click installations of popular scripts?

    Yes. You will be able to easily install around 30 popular scripts directly from the control panel. The list includes all of the most common content management systems as well as a reasonable selection of forums, poll applications, wiki’s, e-commerce platforms, and more.

  • Is an easy website builder available?

    Yes, however, it is a free desktop application rather than a web-based application. This means that you’ll still have to use FTP or WebDrive to upload your website files to the server once you’ve built your site. Quite a few templates are available, however, we weren’t blown away by the look and feel of the templates and color schemes, or by the ease-of-use of the application.

  • What programming languages are supported?

    You can use any client-side languages that are supported by modern browsers including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Supported server-side languages include PHP, Perl, Server Side Includes (SSI), Ruby on Rails, Python CGI, and Python WSGI.

  • Who owns Servage?

    Servage GmbH is a German hosting provider doing business as Servage Hosting. It is a subsidiary of Servage AB, a Swedish company that also operates Levonline, and Servage Communications.

  • Are Servage sites at risk for hacking?

    In 2010, a large number of sites hosted by Servage were affected by hacking resulting in their sites redirecting to malware sites. Servage claims the vulnerabilities that allowed the breach to occur have been remedied in more recent versions of their proprietary Linux server operating system, Servage OS.

Servage Features

All Features

  • AWStats
  • Catch-all email
  • CGI Access
  • cURL
  • Email Forwarding
  • Exif Support
  • GD Support
  • Help Center Live
  • Hotlink Protection
  • ImageMagick
  • IMAP Support
  • ionCube Loader
  • Password Protected Directories
  • PHP 4
  • PHP 5
  • phpMyAdmin
  • POP3 Support
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SMTP
  • Spam Filter
  • SSL Certificates
  • XML Parser
  • Zend Optimizer

How does Servage compare to their competitors?

Overall ★★★★★
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