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Servously Introduction

Servously is dedicated to the ideal that small businesses and independent bloggers should have access to the same level of web hosting services as their larger counterparts. After several years managing websites and blogs for a growing roster of clients, Servously founder Shauna Callaghan realized that many of them were struggling with costly and inefficient web hosting providers. A majority of her clients were suffering from long load times, repetitive down times, and generally poor customer service.

So, in 2013, Callaghan partnered with a Dallas based IT team to provide a web hosting service specifically designed to meet the needs of her clients. Today, Servously stands as one of the premier WordPress hosting platforms, offering service plans that will appeal to independent bloggers, small business owners, and fast tracking entrepreneurs.

Dedicated Resources and Superior Performance

While some web hosting services are content to let their customers share space on their servers, battling it out over resources during times of peak activity, Servously takes a different approach. All of their clients are allocated a dedicated portion of a server's resources, as determined by their estimated usage requirements and monthly service package. In this way Servously is able to deliver faster load times for their customers, particularly when one or more sites are experiencing higher than normal traffic loads.

This also allows Servously to maintain an impressive 99.9% up-time for all of their customers, as sites remain isolated from one another on the company servers. So, for example, if one client's site comes under attack or is infected with malware, the other sites on the server won't suffer from sub-par performance or costly instances of downtime.

State of the Art Datacenters

Security and reliability are the twin pillars of web hosting, and Servously is clearly dedicated to both. Their Dallas based datacenter is SSAE16 certified, and the firm has partnered with industry leaders Dallas Pro IT and CoreSpace to provide 24/7 maintenance for their customers. Daily remote back-ups help to ensure peak online performance at all times and enhanced Linux security protects clients from malware and potential cyber attacks, as well as providing a bulwark against vulnerabilities inherent in WordPress and other popular publishing platforms.

Servously's climate controlled facilities have been built specifically to deliver superior service to their customers. The datacenter itself is monitored 24/7 by an on-site staff of experienced technicians, with further IT back-up provided by a remote monitoring team of specialists. Physical access to the facilities are highly restricted, requiring written authorization as well as verification via RFID card and/or biometric scan. A hospital-grade power grid protects against potential power outages, with back-up generators held in reserve for emergencies.

Support and Service

Shauna Callaghan's experience as a web manager greatly informs Servously's service and support structure, and the firm prides itself on taking a hands-on approach. From initial sign up through migration of websites and daily operations, Servously's support team is available to all clients regardless of service plan. Clients can access expert support via phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Customers in the Dallas area can also visit Servously's offices for in-person support.

As a WordPress hosting platform, Servously also offers WordPress specific support and service for all of their clients, including:

  • WordPress plug-in and theme updates;
  • Website design and development advice;
  • Database optimization;
  • WordPress troubleshooting support;
  • Shopping cart installs;
  • SSL certification installation and support.

Service Plans for Every Budget

Servously's hands-on approach to web hosting is more fully evidenced in their wide range of service plans. Callaghan, with her years of experience managing blogs and websites, clearly understands that a one size fits all approach to web hosting simply doesn't fit the bill for most customers. It's not just about cost (although Servously's web hosting packages are certainly reasonably priced), it is also about performance.

Each service plan, from basic to mega hosting, has been designed to meet the specific hosting needs of the client. Modestly priced entry level packages are available for first-time bloggers and small business start-ups, while more extensive (and somewhat pricier) plans are available to support multiple domains or high-traffic ecommerce ventures.

All Servously hosting packages include the following:

  • Allocated bandwidth and CPU, disk, and memory limits configured specifically for the needs of the client;
  • Enhanced Linux security to protect against malware attacks and to compensate for vulnerabilities in WordPress and other popular publishing platforms;
  • cPanel access providing extensive management tools for the client, including email notification and real time usage statistics;
  • On-call support from Servously's IT staff.

Shauna Callaghan and her expert team are available to help new clients choose the right service plan for their specific needs. Again, this hands-on approach ensures that clients hit the internet running with all of the bandwidth and disk space they need to accommodate a steady flow of valuable traffic, and that they are equally prepared to handle the always coveted viral post. Servously's hosting plans are billed and contracted by month, and customers can easily upgrade their performance packages as resource needs increase.

Dependable Web Hosting at Affordable Prices

Servously stands out amongst web hosting services for a number of reasons, not the least of which is their dedication to delivering dependable service at affordable prices. Servously's mission statement is informed by Shauna Callaghan's experience as a website manager, and that makes it unique among web hosting providers. Customers are not just faceless entities, their websites and blogs reduced to nothing more than shared space on a bank of servers.

At Servously they understand that every website they host is a valuable online entity, deserving of the same attention and service given to the largest of the online players. Performance, security, and reliability are their watch words. It is that personal touch, and hands on attention to detail, that sets Servously apart from the vast majority of their web hosting competitors.

Servously Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Basic Hosting WordPress PHP Linux cPanel MySQL Uptime Guarantee 600MB 5GB $10.00/month
Usual price:
Premium Plus WordPress PHP Linux cPanel MySQL Uptime Guarantee 10GB 40GB $25.00/month
Usual price:

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