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SnapFast Introduction

SnapFast is a US-based hosting company, specialized in providing Magento hosting and related services. The company started life as a certified Magento development agency, but eventually decided to focus into Magento optimized hosting instead.

The company developed a Magento-optimized hosting environment, which it dubbed SnapStack. SnapFast's stated mission is to make Magento run as quickly as possible, and this is reflected in its hosting plans.

Services and Specializations

Magento is the bread and butter of SnapFast's business. It specializes in Magento hosting, and claims it provides superior performance compared to competing hosting platforms.

The company states its hardware is about 24 percent faster than the competition. It points out that even a relatively small delay in load times can result in a massive sales drop for e-commerce outfits that rely on Magento.

SnapFast offers shared, cloud, dedicated, and enterprise Magento hosting. All plans are based on fast Intel Xeon processors, backed by solid-state storage. While entry-level shared plans tend to be inexpensive, the higher end plans are reserved for bigger clients.

If you need a bit more storage and bandwidth, you can choose "Basic" and "Intermediate" hosting plans. These plans provide 1 GB or 2 GB of storage, with 15 GB or 30 GB traffic, and with support for up to 4 or 6 MySQL databases.

Enterprise cluster plans include up to six web servers and two database servers. They also include file servers, load balancers, and a Redis server. The default bandwidth limit is 10TB. These plans are reserved for serious ecommerce businesses, and pricing starts at about $1,500 per month. All Enteprise cluster plans are managed and feature daily backups and free migration support.

SnapFast Infrastructure

SnapFast's biggest selling point is Magento performance. Optimizing the software stack is just one part of the equation. The other is hardware, and SnapFast claims to use the latest and fastest Intel Xeon processors.

For example, the default Enterprise web server features two 10-core Xeons clocked at 3.0GHz, with 24GB of RAM.

While the company's entry-level plans do not feature as much muscle, they still come with ample RAM and SSD storage.

What about the stack? SnapFast states it spent years creating the optimum environment for Magento hosting. The end result is the company's trademarked SnapStack, a software stack tuned to deliver optimum Magento performance.

Support and Customer Service

Since SnapFast specializes in Magento, its support policies extend to cover more than the usual hosting stuff. The company points out it is 100% focused on Magento, therefore all staff is familiar with the inner workings of Magento.

The company employs several support channels, live chat, phone support, and a standard ticketing system.


SnapFast is a niche hosting provider, specialized in Magento. The company is obviously devoting a lot of resources on Magento, which is reflected in their choice of software and hardware.

This obviously limits SnapFast's appeal to Magento users, but that's sort of the point of their approach. The company offers a number of high-end plans, including elaborate Magento clusters in their top-tier Business plans. While these plans don't come cheap, they are designed for big ecommerce outfits who need a lot of resources and don't mind paying a premium for peace of mind.

SnapFast is in an excellent position to cater to American ecommerce. While it's obviously not the only host to offer Magento-specific plans and services, it stands out as one of few hosting providers completely dedicated to Magento.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

SnapFast Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Magento Shared 1 WordPress PHP Transfer Support SSD Magento SSH Access 20GB 200GB $49.00/month
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