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Last reviewed Nov 13, 2016

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Service is usually very bad, they have to wait for a manager before they can do anything.
They added Bitcoin/Coinify as a payment method and after I used it they suspended my service without warning saying I had not paid, despite the fact that the invoice said it was paid. They they reply and say they dont accept Bitcoin payments, despite the fact that it was offered by them!!! It is very infuriating.
In addition I have had a routing problem on some IP addresses for over a week that they have not been able to fix.

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SolaDrive Introduction

SolaDrive is an enterprise hosting services company based in Buffalo, NY. The company opened its doors in 2009 aiming to provide services focused on VPS and dedicated servers to small and medium-sized enterprises. SolaDrive grew out of frustration from the founders' experiences with poor-quality service offered by other hosting companies.

Services and Specializations

SolaDrive has several different plans related to VPS and Dedicated servers. The company provides various plans for managed VPS, hybrid, and dedicated server plans as well as colocation and other services.

The company offers a few different managed VPS plans. The plans are hosted on either Windows or Linux and offers virtualization choices such as OpenVZ and Xen. A few plans are available for either operating system and they vary on RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and number of CPU cores. All VPS plans come with fully managed support and features the Solus VM cPanel. SolaDrive offers further customization to items such as control panel software and bandwidth for additional fees.

Customers seeking higher performance may seek out SolaDrive's Hybrid VPS plans. Just like the regular VPS plans, the hybrid plans vary on the amount of RAM, disk space, and CPU cores. However, the main driver increasing performance is the limit on the number of VMs that run on the server. For example, on a regular VPS, 10-20 VMs could be running at the same time vs. 2-6 VMs on a hybrid VPS. Just like a regular VPS, both Windows and Linux-based servers are available.

Besides VPS hosting, SolaDrive also offers dedicated server plans. These plans feature locations in either Los Angeles or Buffalo with plans that differ on RAM and processor speeds. All servers include at least 1 IP address and can be customized to include additional RAM, disk space, and other support features.

SolaDrive also offers colocation services in the US and overseas. Each location offers slightly different plans which differ by amount of power provided, number of IPs, and bandwidth. Some plans include an hour of server maintenance work by SolaDrive's on-site team. The company allows customers to further customize these items plus choose addons such as SSL Certificates and WHM.

In addition to hosting services, the company offers consultation services for load balancing. If interested, the customer must contact SolaDrive for more details.


SolaDrive's server hardware features Intel processors with RAID drives, hot swap drive bays, and SSD cache pools. In addition, the company has multiple datacenters in the US and overseas which feature redundant power systems, temperature control, network redundancy, and building security.


The company servers have RAID10 configuration so that no downtime or data corruption occurs even if two drives fail. Also, depending upon the plan, daily, weekly, and monthly backups are made. Backups from the past few days are kept along with a monthly backup.

Support and Customer Service

SolaDrive offers 24/7 support based in the US via support ticket system, e-mail, chat, or Skype. If customers send in requests via ticket or e-mail, they can expect a response within 10 minutes.

Uptime Guarantee

SolaDrive promises a 100% uptime guarantee for all its plans. The company attempts to satisfy this through its RAID configuration, network redundancy, and use of multiple telecommunications carriers. However, it is unclear the level of compensation expected for downtime experienced.


The company bills customers on a monthly basis. None of the plans offer discounts for paying 1-2 years upfront. Though few promotions are offered, the company does have a 30-day money back guarantee and accepts multiple payment methods including PayPal and most major credit cards. Though IPs are included, fees for domains and SSL certificates may be extra.


SolaDrive is a US-based company that focuses on offering VPS and dedicated server plans. It uses enterprise hardware and offers redundancy across multiple levels to help satisfy their 100% uptime guarantee. Though pre-selected features are available on most plans, customers can customize certain features for their own needs. If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise looking for high-quality managed hosting for VPS or dedicated servers, then SolaDrive may be the right choice.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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