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Spectro Host Introduction

Spectro Host is a web hosting provider based in Nevada, US. The company offers a wide selection of plans and primarily targets individuals and small businesses needing high-performance hosting.

Services and Specializations

Spectro Host offers a set of plans focused on providing VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. Though the company offers free and low-cost plans, the company mainly targets individuals, small businesses, and beginners needing higher tier hosting plans.

Spectro Host offers multiple VPS plans for OpenVZ and Xen virtualization options. The VPS plans differ by the amount of disk space, RAM, processor speed, bandwidth, and network speeds. All plans offer support for multiple control panels including cPanel, VestaCP, and VirtualMin and come with full root access. Some VPS plans include at least 1 IPv4 address while others include 2 IPv4 and 2 IPv6 addresses. An important feature included for all VPS plans is scalability which allows customers to upgrade plans without having to reprovision. As a result of this feature, the customer can save time and money.

In addition to VPS plans, Spectro Host offers dedicated server plans. The dedicated servers plan locations are either in the US or Canada and like most server plans, they vary by processor speed, number of cores, RAM, network speeds, and bandwidth. Plans for US and Canadian servers include cPanel, DDOS protection, and at least 1 dedicated IP address. The plans allow customers to choose from a variety of Linux distributions and Windows versions.

Besides VPS and dedicated server plans, Spectro Host offers WordPress plans ideal for beginners wanting to setup a website quickly by customizing themes or using a site builder. The plans vary by the amount of disk space and features offered. Most plans offer a website builder along with unlimited themes and plugins while some offer specialized templates for ecommerce and online course sites. Plans tailored to ecommerce sites offer HTTPS SSL Encryption as well as white labeling for login screens.


Spectro Host utilizes servers that have Intel processors and support multiple operating systems including various Linux distributions and Windows versions. The company has datacenters in multiple locations including the US and Canada. Its datacenters have high-speed, redundant network connections as well as 24/7 security and power backups in case of electrical failure.


Spectro Host includes a limited amount of backup snapshots for its VPS plans while customers must maintain their own backups for dedicated server plans. Most of the WordPress plans offer backups, however, it is unclear when and how often the backups are made.

Support and Customer Service

Spectro Host offers 24/7 support via e-mail and phone. In addition, knowledgebase articles and forums are available for customers wanting self-support.

Uptime Guarantee

Spectro Host has a 100% uptime guarantee which it satisfies through its high-quality datacenters, redundant network connections, continuous network monitoring, and backup power sources. Though the company has a stable infrastructure, it is unclear if the company compensates customers for server downtime.


The company bills its customers primarily on a monthly basis for most of its hosting plans. SSL certificates and domain registration are billed on a yearly basis. The company accepts credit and debit cards to be used for payment.


Spectro Host offers a wide variety of plans focused on VPS, dedicated servers, and WordPress services. Its plans are ideal for individuals and small businesses needing high-performance hosting.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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