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SuperX Introduction

Webmasters who need hosting for adult websites require a service that offers maximum uptime, speed, security, migration without disruption, and the right tools for websites with lots of media. SuperX launched in 1996 with the goal of addressing the void in adult industry-specific hosting services. They offer plans that anyone hosting lots of media will be pleased with.


SuperX has award-winning support and a knowledge base, accessible any time. The MyCP control panel allows you to submit a support ticket for help. Live chat and live phone support are available continuously as well.


Plan offerings include dedicated servers, dedicated flash servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and unmetered servers. The packaged plans are a bit atypical for traditional hosting, but are optimized for adult hosting.

  • Data centers located in areas at low risk for natural disasters
  • Fully redundant network
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Optimal packet routing; no packet loss
  • Multiple, wholly owned facilities
  • Disruption-free migration
    • SX

      These three plans—SX Lite, SX Pro, and SX Max—are fully managed server options. They all include a lease-to-own option, which allows you to pay a fee and own the server after 12 months.

      • SX Lite
        • E4400 processor, dual core
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 160 GB HDD
        • 2 TB bandwidth
      • SX Pro
        • Core i7 processor, quad core
        • 6 GB RAM
        • 500 GB HDD
        • 8 TB bandwidth
      • SX Max
        • Core i7 dual processor, quad core
        • 8 GB RAM
        • 1000 GB HDD
        • 10 TB bandwidth

      Dedicated Servers

      This option is best for high-traffic sites. Take your pick of three operating systems and fully customizable options.

      • FreeBSD, Linux, or Windows
      • Up to 10 TB bandwidth, depending on server chosen
      • Up to 16 GB RAM, depending on server chosen
      • Up to 2000 GB hard drive, depending on server chosen
      • Choose as many as 16 data centers, depending on server chosen
      • Processors up to octacore, depending on server chosen
      • Choose billing cycles of one month, three months, six months, annual, or contract
      • 30 day money-back guarantee
      • Full root access
      • 24 hour setup guarantee
      • Flash and FLV streaming support


      These plans are dedicated servers with features optimized for video streaming. They include a customizable Adobe Flash player.

      • No software or license purchase required
      • Content management system (CMS)
      • Custom player skins
      • HD compatible
      • Podcast integration
      • Drag-and-drop upload, batch editing
      • Extensive reports
      • No buffering, no downloading
      • FLV and MP4 supported
      • Three plans: SX Flash Lite, SX Flash Pro, SX Flash Max
      • SX Flash Lite
        • E4400 processor
        • 1 GB RAM
        • 250 GB HDD
        • 10 TB bandwidth
      • SX Flash Pro
        • Core i7 processor
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 500 GB HDD
        • 10 TB bandwidth
      • SX Flash Max
        • E5335 processor
        • 4 GB RAM
        • 1000 GB HDD
        • 10 TB bandwidth


      For sites that fly through bandwidth, unmetered plans offer unlimited* bandwidth without overages. Your maximum transfer rate is determined only by the size of your port.

      • Three single processor plans and three dual processors plans
      • 100 Mbps, unmetered bandwidth
      • Single Lite
        • Dual Xeon 5130 2.0Ghz
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 500 GB HDD, IDE
      • Single Pro
        • Xeon X3220 2.4Ghz
        • 4 GB RAM
        • 250 GB HDD, IDE
      • Single Max
        • Dual Xeon E5335 2.0Ghz
        • 6 GB RAM
        • 500 GB HDD, IDE
      • Dual Lite
        • Dual Xeon 2.8GHz
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 120 GB HDD, IDE
      • Dual Pro
        • HP DL380 G3 Dual Xeon 3.06 GHz
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 73 GB HDD, IDE
      • Dual Max
        • Conroe E4400 1.86Ghz
        • 2 GB RAM
        • 160 GB HDD, IDE

      *When hosts describe anything as “unlimited,” it is typically boundless except in cases of abuse. A user may be charged a penalty or be required to subscribe to a more robust package if they are overburdening the servers.


      Dedicated, virtual servers offer an affordable hosting option that is still optimized for adult hosting with features like burstable RAM. This allows more processor and RAM capacity than shared hosting without the high prices of dedicated servers.

      • Seven tiers of service
      • Dual Xeon 5650 Hexa-core 2.55Ghz
      • Root access
      • Resell access
      • Install operating system (OS) of your choice
      • Fully customizable and configurable
      • Hot swap hard drive
      • RAID-10 disk storage
      • Choice of East or West coast data center
      • Up to 24 GB burstable RAM, 12 GB guaranteed RAM, depending on tier purchased
      • Up to 720 GB disk space, depending on tier purchased
      • Up to 10 TB bandwidth, depending on tier purchased


      • Continuously available support for all users
      • Many choices in plans
      • Scalability in some plans
      • Industry-specific features included


      • Bandwidth limits with most plans
      • No site builders
      • Control panels carry monthly fee
      • You need to checkout to see the usual hosting feature options, like MySQL and control panel options

      The Verdict

      All the hosting offerings from SuperX are tailored to the needs of adult website hosting. Those features—like bandwidth, media players, and memory—are the features they’ve built their packages around. Some typical hosting features are buried in the checkout process. This may be a good option if you have a media-rich website, but not if you’re looking for typical hosting plans.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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