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Taison Digital Introduction

Taison Digital is a small, yet nimble web hosting and services company based in Hong Kong and Philippines. Though the company is small compared to other hosting companies, it has a passionate team that is focused on delivering "great results for your business."

Services and Specializations

Taison Digital provides a small set of shared hosting plans along with design and marketing services. The company offers both introductory and advanced plans. Its aim is to help small businesses and individuals get a web presence at a low price.

Taison Digital offers a set of shared hosting plans that are broken up into "professional" and "business." Both plans offer similar features and vary based on the number of visitors each plan can handle. They also differ in the amount of disk space offered and the number websites/domains allowed. Customers expecting to host many websites will need the space and traffic allowed by the business plans. The plans include many other features. By selecting a plan from Taison Digital, customers can have access to Google apps for ad-free versions of Gmail and Google Drive that allows them to use their own domain instead of Customers wanting to install special scripts that include CMS and ecommerce packages can do so with Softaculous. Business plans have the added advantage of including an SSL certificate. Though a specific quantity was not mentioned, Business plans also have faster speeds because the servers that host these plans share resources with fewer other websites.

Sometimes, having the ability to setup a website through a hosting plan is not enough. In some instances, customers may need help with bringing in more visitors or creating a custom design. Customers needing to improve the look of their website can make use of website design services as well as logo and graphic design. Clients who want to get online and sell products can also get help from Taison Digital to set up their own ecommerce stores. To bring in more traffic to their website, customers should inquire about the company's marketing services including ad campaigns, SEO services, and email and content marketing.

Infrastructure and Uptime

Taison Digital's infrastructure utilizes CloudFare to manage hosting plans. CloudFare has numerous datacenters throughout the world including several locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. Traffic coming to a customer's website is routed to the nearest datacenter to provide the fastest page load times. CloudFare also makes use of caching certain parts of customer websites to help with response times. This ensures reliability and helps guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

Security and Backups

Taison Digital's use of CloudFare technology helps secure customer websites. This service scans website visitors to determine if they are a threat based on their IP address along with the type and frequency of the requests. In addition, business plans feature email services with anti-spam and virus filters. All plans feature "hotlink/leech" protection and allow users to setup passwords for specific directories. The company makes backups on a daily basis and keeps 4 offsite backups for 4 weeks back-to-back.

Support and Customer Service

In addition to scanning for malware and making sure its servers are updated with the latest software and patches, Taison Digital offers multiple ways a customer can reach the company for support. Customers can expect a response during normal business hours (9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Saturday — local time) from requests made through phone, email, or support tickets.


The company offers multiple payment terms for its customers. Customers selecting professional plans must pay the full year up-front. However, customers selecting business plans have the flexibility of paying just 3 or 6 months up-front along with the full year. Only a few payment methods are currently accepted including bank transfers and credit card payments via PayPal. Customers not satisfied with their service can request a refund from the company (certain restrictions may apply).


Taison Digital, a web hosting and design services company based in Hong Kong and the Philippines, offers a small, yet focused set of shared hosting plans. The plans use cloud-based technology provided by CloudFare to ensure fast response times. Customers needing help with increasing traffic or improving website design can also get help through the company's design services. Customers that enjoy working with a hosting company that is small, yet dynamic and focused on providing "great results," may find Taison Digital to be great choice.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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