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Typepad Introduction

Typepad is a blogging platform that was started back in 2003 and is currently owned by the Endurance International Group. The company features a few focused hosting plans for blogging and strives to provide "unbeatable personal support" that puts the customer in "complete control." Over the years, the company has also built a great reputation through its many famous clients including Amazon.

Services and Specializations

As a blogging platform used by Fortune 500 companies and famous individuals, Typepad offers its customers plans focused on shared hosting. Its services are affordable, reliable, and cost-effective and target individuals as well as both small to large sized enterprises.

Every day, thousands of customers rely on Typepad's hosting platform to maintain stable and well-designed websites. Currently, customers can choose from 4 different hosting plans which include many features. All the plans allow the customer to map a domain to a blog, have unlimited storage, post from any platform including email, and select a design from thousands. Customers using the company's plans also have the ability to schedule posts, use tools like Google analytics, and post audio or video files to enhance their blog. Customers can even sell products from their own store online with their blog since Typepad also supports integration with PayPal, Amazon, eBay, and Google.

Despite the similarities among the plans, there are some differences with the higher tier plans. The company's plans vary by the amount of disk space and number of blogs supported. The top 3 plans allow for an unlimited number of blogs with multiple authors while the entry level plan only allows 4 blogs to be created with a single author. Also, full customization is only allowed with the top 3 plans.

Infrastructure and Uptime

Typepad does not present much detail on its server infrastructure or feature an uptime guarantee on its website. However, since the company has many high level clients including Amazon, one can assume that Typepad has robust infrastructure with very little downtime.

Support and Customer Service

Having top-notch support for its customers appears to be a major concern for Typepad. The company prides itself on "unbeatable personal support" which is available through contact form for customers of basic plans. Those who have advanced plans, have advanced support which can be accessed using different menus. Customers can also consult the company's knowledgebase for articles that include tutorials on the Typepad platform or basic setup.


Typepad has many options in terms of billing for customers. Customers can get either a monthly or yearly plan. Of course, if they get a yearly plan, they are entitled to a 15% discount. Those who want to try out the plan before committing money can do so with the company's 14-day free trial.


Typepad is a hosting company based in the United States that primarily serves as a blogging platform. The company basically offers shared hosting plans with many features bloggers can rely on. Since building its platform in 2003, the company has gained thousands of customers including many top companies. Customers looking for cost-effective, yet reliable plans with "personal support" for their business or portfolio, will find much to like about Typepad.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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