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Last reviewed Jun 6, 2016

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These guys really care for my website, even though I know I am not a big client, I only have 3 pages so far, they have spent a lot of extra hours helping me with coding, set up and other things that are really not part of their job. I have only been with them for about 9 months, but I do not see any reason not to carry on with them. logo
Location:Spokane, WA USA

US Website Design and Hosting Introduction

US Website Design and Hosting (USWDH) provides general-purpose hosting services for small organizations and individuals. The company is based out of Spokane, WA and has been in business since at least 2009.

Services & Specializations

USWDH offers domain name registration services as well as three different types of hosting: shared hosting, dedicated servers, and hosting reseller accounts.

One noteworthy feature of USWDH hosting plans is that it is permissible to power mailing list software from any account provided that no more than 500 emails are sent per hour and that the server is not used for email spamming purposes.

Shared Hosting

A variety of shared hosting plans are available. The packages are differentiated primarily by the amount of disk space included. Most of the shared hosting plans include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited number of email addresses
  • Unlimited number of MySQL databases
  • Easy-installation of more than 40 popular applications such as WordPress and Joomla

While the number of email addresses and MySQL databases is unlimited, the disk space occupied by email accounts and databases does count against the total disk space allocation.

A variety of add-on services and products are available to shared hosting customers such as add-on domains, an easy website builder, dedicated IP addresses, and SSL certificates.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server accounts are also available. Server configurations vary and can be customized based on the CPU, RAM, and type, size, and number of hard drives installed in the server, as well as the bandwidth allocated to the account.

All dedicated servers can be configured with up to a 1 gigabit Ethernet uplink, and cPanel is available for dedicated server management.

Dedicated servers are either managed by USWDH or self-managed by the customer. Self-managed servers are provided without any control panel. A variety of Linux and Windows operating systems are available, and Plesk may be optionally packaged with Windows OS installations. Anti-virus software, hardware firewalls, and DDoS monitoring and protection are offered as add-ons.

Reseller Accounts

Reseller plans from USWDH are priced and sized based on the disk space allocated to the reseller who may segment and resell disk space as they wish. Subject to the disk space limitations of the account, resellers are provided with unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited number of email addresses, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, subdomains and parked domains.

Dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates can also be purchased and implemented by resellers.

Lastly, if resellers wish to use USWDH's knowledge base to provide technical support to their own customers, they may purchase a white-label copy of the entire USWDH knowledge base for installation into their reseller account WHMCS software.

Support and Customer Service

Techincal support is available over the phone, over live chat, through a ticketing system, or through the knowledge base.

According to the Terms of Service, the obligations of USWDH tech support are limited to "hosting related issues": assistance, troubleshooting, and debugging of the cPanel interface and any servers managed by USWDH. However, according to the website, tech support will also assist customers with the installation of scripts and templates, and provide basic assistance with programming languages.


No clear description of backup services was found on the USWDH website, and a statement in the Terms of Service states that customers are responsible for maintaining backups of their hosting accounts.

Billing & Payment Policies

All hosting services are offered with a monthly billing cycle. Payment is by credit card, and account renewals are processed automatically until a customer contacts USWDH and formally requests cancelation.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided, but only applies to the first 30 days of service and not to renewal terms. Accounts set up under promotional pricing are excluded from the money-back guarantee, as are domain name fees.

A Service Level Agreement is provided and applies to all customers who are "in good financial standing". 99.99% uptime is guaranteed, however, no reimbursement is provided by the SLA until uptime falls to 99.9% for the current term.

Downtime is defined as "100% packet loss from US Website Design and Hosting to its backbone providers". Downtime is not measured and counted until the customer becomes aware of an outage and notifies USWDH of a network failure via the online ticketing system. If ticketing is unreachable a ticket must be started by calling USWDH directly. The SLA does not cover scheduled maintenance, acts beyond the control of USWDH, or any behavior by the customer that causes a service outage.

Hosting credit is provided in lieu of a cash refund according to the following schedule:

  • 95% to 99.9% uptime: 10% credit of monthly hosting fee
  • 90% to 94.9% uptime: 20% credit of monthly hosting fee
  • 89.9% uptime or below: 50% credit of monthly hosting fee

What We Couldn't Find

There are several details we were unable to confirm or clarify:

  • No details are provided about USWDH hosting infrastructure or location.
  • While it can be assumed that all shared servers are running a Linux operating system, no details regarding the operating system or shared server specs are provided.
  • There is uncertainty surrounding the physical location of USWDH staff. The website lists a Spokane, WA mailing address, and phone number, but the USWDH Twitter profile lists the company location as Michigan - an assertion that may be confirmed by a recent announcement posted to the USWDH website regarding the charging of sales tax to customers in Michigan, the Terms of Service mention that the company is based in the UK but that all pricing and transactions take place in US dollars. While the location of the company's business headquarters may not be very critical, knowing where support staff are located is important to some customers, and the location of the company's servers should be critical information to every customer.
  • In the same vein as the previous item, there is no About Us section to the USWDH website and very little information could be found about the company.
  • Lastly, while we did locate the Terms of Service, we could only find them by creating an order and proceeding to the checkout. In addition, the Acceptable Use Policy could only be found by following a link within the Terms of Service. While nothing problematic was noted in either the ToS or AUP, these documents should be easier to find.


US Website Design and Hosting offers highly-configurable shared hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller accounts. They offer numerous support options and all of the add-ons you would expect from a modern web host. However, there is a lack of detail surrounding items such as the physical location of the company and support staff, the network infrastructure, and server specs. Potential customers would do well to reach out directly to the company to clarify these items before settling on US Website Design and Hosting as a host.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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