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Vivio Technologies Introduction

Vivio Technologies is a relatively small hosting provider. The company prides itself on corporate social responsibility, and it's one of a handful of hosting companies that relies solely on renewable energy.

The company also supports a number of environmental and social charities. Vivio Technologies is headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington.

Vivio Technologies offers a number of hosting services, ranging from cheap shared hosting plans to dedicated and custom servers. The company also specializes in ColdFusion VPS hosting and CFML solutions for Adobe, Railo and OpenBD.

Services and Specializations

Vivio Technologies describes itself as a "community-focused" hosting company, and this approach reflects on their services as well. Most of Vivio Technologies products and services are geared towards smaller users, ranging from individuals to small businesses.

Therefore, the company offers a number of affordable Linux-based, shared hosting plans. These are more or less standard LAMP plans designed for individuals, independent developers, and resellers. Vivio's shared plans can be customized as well. Railo shared hosting plans are available as well. In addition to Railo hosting, Vivio Technologies also offers Adobe ColdFusion hosting, Open BlueDragon hosting, Tomcat hosting, and Mura hosting.

Vivio offers three VPS hosting plans, based on different hardware configurations. By default, they come with mechanical RAID storage, but they can be customized to include SSD storage, get managed support, or any of a range of features. One relatively unusual option is the ability to purchase carbon offsets, just in case your organization wants to maintain an impeccable environmental record.

Vivio Technologies currently offers two customizable dedicated hosting plans. The range of optional extras is similar to those available on VPS plans. The company uses relatively new hardware for its dedicated hosting plans, namely Haswell-based Intel Xeon processors coupled with fast DDR4 RAM.

Custom hosting services are available as well, but you have to contact Vivio and list your requirements in order to get a quote.


Vivio Technologies relies on its own datacenter, located in Walla Walla. Information on this particular facility is limited.

The company promises 100% uptime and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a 30-day money back guarantee. But what does this mean in practice? Vivio's service level agreement (SLA) defines 100% uptime as a complete packet loss from Vivio Technologies to its backbone providers, but downtime is measured past 10 minutes after receiving notification of network failure. Should a customer experience less than 100% uptime in a month, the company will credit the customer to the tune of 5% of their monthly fee, but additional credits may be granted for additional downtime.

Vivio's unlimited storage space policies feature industry standard limitations. They do not apply to sites designed for file sharing or backup, certain types of FTP services, sites containing an "above average" number of files not linked from a website, and sites hosting too many extremely large files.

The same goes for unlimited bandwidth. It does not apply to streaming services, bulk email services, bulk image hosting, proxy or relay services, and sites whose primary function is to use bandwidth.

The company reserves the right to determine what's acceptable under its unlimited storage and bandwidth policies. While this may sound restrictive, it's standard industry practice and legitimate users have nothing to worry about.

Support and Customer Service

Vivio Technologies providers 24/7 support, which can be reached via telephone (US number, not toll free), or employing a standard ticketing system.

Customers can also choose additional support services, including various forms of technical support, security support, extended support and so on. The company offers a range of optional support services, covered by its Managed support and extended support plans.

These services may include custom software installation, configuration and troubleshooting, hardware installation, hardware failure testing and diagnosis, application development and support. One unusual aspect of Vivio's support plans is that anyone can purchase extended support — it's not limited to Vivio hosting customers.


Vivio Technologies is not a big hosting company, but it tries to be different by offering elaborate support services and relying on green energy.

Few hosts can claim 100% dependence on renewable energy, but Vivio takes it quite seriously, and it's a member of the BlueSky program. The company uses energy generated by wind farms and hydroelectric power, both generated in Washington.

The availability of a range of extended support, along with CFML services, and the reliance on power-efficient processors can be a selling point for many potential customers, especially small businesses who feel the need for additional support.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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Standard WordPress PHP cPanel Magento Joomla 40GB Unlimited $5.95/month
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