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Last reviewed Apr 16, 2016

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I am a customer of for 5 months now. I would like to recommend their windows vps, it is by far the best i've ever had, network is true 1gbps and the data writing is on ssd for sure.Support was also helpful. My score would be 9.5/10 because ha, nobody is perfect! logo

VPS.AG Introduction

VPS.AG is a web hosting company based in Seychelles that offers services focused on VPS hosting. The company strives to provide a range of VPS services at a low cost without sacrificing quality. VPS.AG tries to offer stable hosting at a reasonable cost by not overselling their server resources.

Services and Specializations

Unlike many other hosting companies, VPS.AG does not offer a wide range of services. Instead of trying to be a "jack of all trades", VPS.AG, like the name implies, focuses on providing high quality VPS service plans. The plans target individuals and business owners who need low-cost VPS plans that are reliable.

Usually, many hosting companies offer shared and dedicated server plans along with a few VPS plans. The idea behind a VPS plan is to offer the customer a hosting service that is faster and more user controlled than a shared plan, but not as much so as dedicated server hosting. Instead of complicating plan choices, VPS.AG offers a small set of VPS plans to the customer. Each of the VPS plans rely on different virtualization methods. While the Windows VPS plans are virtualized on a Windows OS, VPS plans hosted on Linux are virtualized using either OpenVZ or KVM.

Each of the VPS plans comes with a specific amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. Customers can further add to the disk space and bandwidth along with selecting the number of CPU cores to be able to handle more traffic or increase response times. Customers can select KVM and OpenVZ plans to get SSH and full root access. They can choose to add support for WHM/cPanel but this is extra and only is an option for the CentOS distribution.

Infrastructure and Uptime

Most of the company's VPS plans use SSDs and servers equipped with Intel processors. In addition, the company uses their own datacenters and does not rent server space from other providers. The company aims to continually upgrade and reinvest in technology and communications infrastructure to maintain an edge on the competition. Despite its commitment to high-quality service and investment in technology, VPS.AG does not offer an uptime guarantee.

Security and Backups

It is a customer's worst nightmare to lose their saved work or have their website hacked. Security and backup plans may help reduce the likelihood of these events. However, VPS.AG does not mention any security features or offer any security plans. On the other hand, the company offers backup plans for an extra monthly fee which will take a single snapshot of the customer's hosting files.

Support and Customer Service

Whenever a customer purchases a plan from VPS.AG, they can rely on the company to constantly monitor servers on a 24/7 basis and fix issues that come up. Though the customer can chat with an agent or contact the company via website form, the company does not provide a guaranteed response time nor does it mention the level of support it is willing to offer.


Customers selecting service from VPS.AG can expect to pay a bill every month. However, if they are willing to pay at least 6 months ahead for most plans, then they can enjoy a discount. Besides offering the flexibility with additional payment options, the company is flexible in terms of payment methods accepted. These include conventional options such as PayPal, WebMoney, and bank draft along with unconventional methods including gift cards and BitCoin.


VPS.AG, like its name, is a hosting company focused on providing VPS hosting. The company's VPS hosting plans include those hosted on both Linux and Windows along with different virtualization methods including OpenVZ and KVM. Customers needing a VPS solution at a low cost should consider plans from VPS.AG.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

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