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Last reviewed Feb 23, 2016

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I just wanna to tell you that I love only & only Yola because it provides the Hosting at very cheap rate. I Wanna to tell you that Yola rocks. it's the best Web Hosting company that i found. I get all feature at very low price. I also suggests others to use it. great service is provided by Yola to make website. Requires very less time to make a website.

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Yola is cheap and easy to maintain website
i create many website using yola somtime it gets irritating
but it is super easy and fast
u ll get in time (domain)
easy payment and great service provided by yola
makes it easyer to maintain
i will definatelf recomand you to get website from yola

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Yola Introduction

Yola is a website building application and hosting company rolled into one. Yola is designed to make it easy for anyone to launch a professional website, even one that includes ecommerce integration, without writing a single line of code.

Yola was founded by Vinny Lingham in 2007 under the name SynthaSite. The company was renamed Yola in early 2009 following two rounds of venture capital funding worth $25 million. The name change was made to give Yola increased memorability, and provide greater cross-cultural appeal. The ecommerce option was added to Yola in 2012 as a third-party widget developed by Ecwid. Ecwid is also the ecommerce solution of choice used by Yola competitors such as, Wix, and Webydo.

Yola offers a limited range of hosting plans based on a freemium pricing model. Yola plans are targeted at customers who don’t want to mess with any technical details, and who are willing to pay more for the added convenience.

Services & Specializations

All Yola plans include:

  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Several template options
  • Website hosting with 99.9% uptime (not guaranteed)
  • Contact forms
  • Google maps integration
  • Tumblr blog integration
  • Basic site statistics
  • Support for six different language translations

Yola plans are built on a freemium model. The free plan includes Yola branding, a custom domain that is a Yola subdomain (, and limited bandwidth and storage. As you move away from the free plan additional features are added.

At the other end of the spectrum, the premium plan offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, a custom domain, WHOIS privacy protection, premium support, the removal of all Yola branding, access to additional premium templates, access to CSS files for custom modifications, a responsive website design, advanced statistics, and more.

The website builder included with every account is designed to empower anyone to create a professional website quickly. Easy layout changes are possible by the availability of several themes, and through use of a drag-and-drop widget placement tool. While you never have to see the code, premium users do have access to the site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make custom modifications.

The website building tool allows you to enable password protection on any portion of the site you desire, and to create custom menus. A blogging platform is not included in Yola’s website builder, but Tumblr integration is offered allowing you to add a blog page to your site by linking to your Tumblr account.

In addition to the website builder with packaged hosting, Yola offers several add on products and services.

You can add an online store to your website for an additional fee. The online store is a widget powered by Ecwid. It includes payment integration with several payment gateways for credit card processing, and PayPal integration. The online store also includes inventory tracking, order tracking, real-time shipping quotes, estimated sales tax, a customizable layout and appearance, Facebook integration, and a responsive design.

If you want someone to handle the complete design and deployment process for you Yola also offers a web design package that includes 5 pages, and a couple of review sessions and revisions. Notably absent from the advertised design package is any ecommerce integration.

You can purchase domains, including WHOIS privacy registration, from Yola at competitive rates. Email is also offered as an add on feature to any paid plan. However, email is limited to single inbox with limited storage and a cap on maximum message size.


Yola is not the hosting provider you’re looking for if you want control panel access to the server. All content on your Yola website must be uploaded and added using the Yola website builder. You cannot use FTP, installation of third party scripts is not possible, you will not be able to adjust any server settings, and you will not be able to create databases. Also, all Yola plans are for a single website, so they aren’t suitable for someone who wants to host multiple domains on a single hosting account.

Since Yola is targeting an audience that doesn’t want these features, they do also charge more for the added convenience than a typical shared hosting provider.


Yola doesn’t provide very much detail about their infrastructure. This isn’t surprising considering the type of customer Yola is after. However, they do provide some generalized information about their server network.

Yola makes use of cloud-based servers resulting in the storage of every website on multiple servers. Automatic backup of all network content is also provided. A content delivery network is used to speed up network performance, and DDoS protection by Prolexic is included.

Yola boasts 99.9% uptime. However, they do not provide an uptime guarantee or a service level agreement that would provide reimbursement if they fail to provide this level of uptime.

Support and Customer Service

Yola offers an in-house support team available 24/7 by live chat and email. Phone support is not mentioned on their website, and does not appear to be available. Priority support is included with some plans, but is not clearly defined. It appears that customers with priority support get to cut in front of standard support customers in the support queue.

In addition to chat and email support, Yola maintains several tutorials and FAQs. In addition, a community support forum is available and appears to be fairly active. You are also encouraged to contact Yola on Twitter or Facebook.

Yola strives to respond to all support requests within 48 hours, and to all premium support requests within 24 hours. This sort of delayed response makes the advertisement of 24/7 support seem somewhat misleading.

Billing & Payment Policies

All paid Yola plans are offered on a yearly or monthly billing cycle. You will save a little money by selecting the yearly billing cycle. However, there is a no-refund policy on all plans, so you’ll want to be sure you’re going to stick with Yola before you sign up for an extended term.

New customers do receive a 30 day money-back guarantee. However, the refund will not include 100% of fees paid since domain name services are excluded from the money-back guarantee. Once you are past the 30 day period, you can cancel your account anytime, but no refund for unused months of service will be provided.


Web hosting beginners who don’t want to learn much about website hosting, or see any code at all, are the customers targeted by Yola. If that’s who you are, if you want to create a website easily and don’t mind to pay more for the convenience, then Yola might be right for you.

You’ll be able to create a professional looking website, complete with ecommerce and Tumblr integration, using a drag-and-drop website builder that won’t overwhelm you. Keep in mind the delayed support response time, and don’t be surprised if you end up using Google, the available documentation, and the support forum to solve most of your problems.

For those of you who want to do more than create a simple static website, want to host multiple domains from a single shared hosting account, and insist on control panel access to the server, Yola is not what you’re looking for.

Last updated: 2017-07-30

Yola Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Bronze Uptime Guarantee Live Chat Support Support Forum Phone Support 2GB Unlimited $4.17/month
Usual price:
Silver Uptime Guarantee Live Chat Support Support Forum Phone Support 5GB Unlimited $8.33/month
Usual price:
Gold Uptime Guarantee Live Chat Support Support Forum Phone Support Unlimited Unlimited $16.66/month
Usual price:

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A2 Hosting$3.92

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