Meet The Team

(Or 'who does the hard work?' as this page was dubbed at the writing stage...)

We've got an awesome team working on the site. Your support keeps the following people employed...


Richard owns the company that publishes Who Is Hosting This, Quality Nonsense Ltd. Based in London, he has somehow managed to avoid writing a proper biography - despite badgering everyone else into writing one.


Scott is lead developer for Who Is Hosting This. Based in Edinburgh, he works for a select few clients under the name Staplefish. Scott's the guy who turns fancy ideas like our 'hosting search' tool into reality.


Toni goes under the omniscient title of 'webmaster'. That means she takes care of everything from modding the forum & hosting reviews to writing content to beta testing to... you name it, Toni has done it to help us out!

Based near Vancouver, Toni is a keen hiker, climber and outdoors explorer. In other words, she's living the dream. (PS. I just spent 20 minutes lost inside the wonders of her site - check it

Honorary Mentions

Honorary mentions go to Gordan Orlic and Stan Schroeder (now European editor at Gordan & Stan started Who Is Hosting This back in 2007. Without their hard work back then, the site wouldn't exist today.

Think you could help grow the site? We'd love to hear from you. Please drop us a line with a brief introduction. Thanks!