Free Email Marketing Templates

There's been a lot of talk these last few years about how "email is dead." If you believed those rumors about email's demise, then think again.

Ryan Phelan, VP of marketing insights for Adestra, said this when asked about the effectiveness of email marketing: "For the last few years, it's been widely assumed that email would fade away because Millennials and teens weren't going to use it. It turns out that the opposite is true. Email continues to be part of everyday life across all age groups, with consumers literally hanging out in their inboxes all day long."

Now that we've got that cleared up, let's talk about why email marketing is still a viable tactic that businesses should make full use of.

The Enduring Legacy of Email Marketing

We've been using email to communicate with one another and sell our products for a lot longer than the web has existed. It is probably the oldest form of marketing in the online era. And because it's a tried-and-true method for reaching an online and tech-savvy audience, the benefits are well-known:

  • Steady, predictable contact through email keeps you in the minds of your audience — even if they don't always open and read every message.
  • Email targeted to your customers' personal needs helps you build stronger relationships and drive loyalty.
  • Email marketing gives you a means for rewarding subscribers and customers with special deals or tips they wouldn't be able to find elsewhere.
  • You can further demonstrate thought leadership and expertise by using email to send useful insights directly to your audience's inboxes.
  • Email helps you reach people whenever and wherever they are. According to Litmus, 53% of email messages were opened on smartphones in 2015.

This inexpensive method of communicating with customers, prospects, and other target audiences provides marketers with a lot of possibilities beyond direct marketing: welcome new customers; share relevant industry news; entertain. No matter which form you want to market to your audience, you can do it through email.

Email Marketing Templates to Get You Started

One of the best things about marketing today is that chances are good someone has already created a template to use for your own purposes.

Want to build a website, but don't know the first thing about coding? Get a WordPress theme.

Want to maximize your reach on social media, but don't know if you're doing it right? Use a social marketing tool that shows you optimum days and times to share.

Want to create cool marketing emails, but don't know anything about HTML design? Use a template!

The following is a list of 10 free email marketing templates. These templates cover a wide range of styles, layouts, purposes, and customization options. And, because most of these are created by email marketing experts like Litmus and Campaign Monitor, many of these are already responsive in design.

  • Vision: there will come a time when you want to send a simple, personalized message without any distractions. A basic stationery template will allow you to add your logo, some text styling, and a personalized signature while keeping the focus on the message.
  • Pook: template is especially designed for email newsletters. It is simple and direct.
  • Green Village: if you don't have a lot of content or news to share in your newsletter, feel free to take advantage of a double column layout like this one does. It gives the illusion of "more" while using less.
  • Mystical: for newsletters offering more than just blog content and industry news write-ups, consider using a masonry (Pinterest-style) layout. This will allow you to use bright colors and images to guide readers down through the various sections of text.
  • Ceej: this template works well not only for the intended purpose of making an announcement, but also for delivering a personalized message. While there is an option to embed video at the top of this template, the real focus here is on the messaging and it's done really well — with header stylings, colorful links, and a cool Google-like design.
  • P2D2HTML: do you want to break up your message with a modern and logical scrolling design? That's what this template aims to accomplish by breaking sections up by topic, and using colors, images, and calls-to-action to keep the email feeling lightweight.
  • Vision: email marketing isn't just about the hard sell or growing your thought leadership. It's about establishing a genuine line of communication between you and your audience. That's why you should have templates built out from that very first interaction, starting with the Welcome message.
  • Oxygen: these templates are similar to Vision in that they work really well in later phases of customer communication. Specifically, if you want templates that verify transactions, these work beautifully.
  • Coffee: online businesses aren't the only ones who should use email marketing. If you've got a brick and mortar shop and you want to share special deals, advertise upcoming events, or remind people of where you're located, this simple template is a nice way to do it.
  • Basic: let's say you want a single template to customize based on a diverse range of marketing email types. Rather than rely on the above templates that work for one or two different types of communications, get a basic skin like this one that allows you to customize and trim as you see fit.

Moving Forward with Email Marketing

As you can see, email is a worthwhile addition to any marketing strategy. And, because there are so many designers and email marketing experts willingly giving their email marketing templates away for free, why not give it a try? Just remember to use email marketing correctly, so that your efforts are effective. Use clean, consistent styling in design and always keep the focus on delivering something of value to your audience. If you can do that, you shouldn't have any problems.

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