Firefox & Internet Explorer Plugins

Do you come here often? If you are a frequent user, you need these free browser plugins for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer:

#1: Search Plugin

Search Plugin

This plugin will add a handy search option to your browser's search box. Simply enter in the website domain you wish to research, and you'll be taken to the results automatically. The plugin is compatible with Firefox 2+ and Internet Explorer 7+.

#2: Search Bookmarklet

Search Bookmarklet

Another way to keep our tool always within easy reach. Drag the following bookmarklet link to the 'Links' area of your browser (just below the navigation bar). Now you can simply click it whenever you want to discover a host.

Simply drag this link to your browser's toolbar

#3: Domain Lookup for Firefox

Ever read a phrase online and think: "that would make a great domain name"?

Domain Lookup is a Firefox extension that helps you discover valuable domain names while surfing the web. Just select the text you wish to check and hit the shortcut key. Domain Lookup checks availability at your favourite registrar in a heartbeat.

The latest version integrates with Who Is Hosting This. If you enter a domain which generates a 'server not found' error in your browser, you'll see options to:

  • Register domain
  • WHOIS lookup
  • Make an offer on this domain via Sedo
  • Discover who hosts the domain via Who Is Hosting This

Install Domain Lookup at Mozilla Addons or learn more at