Conor Sheils

Conor is a news journalist turned tech writer/editor from Ireland. Following years working as a newshound in Europe and the Middle East, Conor decided to merge his life-long passion for all-things-tech with his writing abilities, and travel the world as a location-independent tech expert.


Conor grew up in the Irish countryside and had a keen interest in computers and technology from a very early age.


Conor studied Journalism at the University of The Arts London before embarking on a career within the British national press. He later worked for international and local outlets across the Middle East and North Africa before putting his life in a backpack and becoming a traveling tech writer/editor.

Since then he has lived in countries as diverse as Egypt, Morocco, and Kenya and visited many others.

Getting to Know Conor

WIHT: How’d you get into technical writing?

Conor: A love for journalism, technology and a desire to travel the world while working remotely.

WIHT: Windows, Mac, or GNU/Linux?

Conor: I’m a huge Linux fan and have been for years. Right now I’m using Pop Os! (an Ubuntu-based distribution) as my daily driver. I always keep a version of Windows on a dual boot in case there’s a specific piece of software (usually cell phone repair software) that doesn’t play nice with Linux.

WIHT: Favorite code/text/HTML editor?

Conor: Visual Studio Code. Love everything about it.

WIHT: Where are you in the world?

Conor: I’m currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve just moved here and I love it so far. It has a massive technology industry, dubbed the “Silicon Savannah.” It seems like everybody is working on the next big web project or app — it’s a real geek’s paradise. Prior to this, I was living in, Essaouira, a small Moroccan hippie-surfer town, so it’s quite a contrast.

WIHT: What do you love about freelance writing?

Conor: I think most of all I love the variety that it gives me in terms of topics and experiences. Separately, the ability to work from pretty much anywhere is a huge bonus for me.

WIHT: Are you working on any cool projects?

Conor: I’m currently learning Swahili and working on a mental health web project.

Selected Writing

In addition to his work for, Conor edits and writes for our sister sites,,, and Here is a very small taste of his work.