Dale Cudmore

About Dale

Dale is a jack of all trades who loves learning new things. He’s a full-time, self-taught freelance writer, marketer, and web developer.

He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2008. It quickly became apparent that a typical job wasn’t for him. Since then, he played both poker and soccer at the semi-professional level, before moving onto freelance writing and other online projects.

Professional Life

Dale began writing mostly about nutrition, before really finding his niche as a marketing and technology writer. He’s written posts on top marketing blogs like Crazy Egg, Ahrefs, and Mirasee, as well as ghost-written for marketing bloggers who get hundreds of thousands of page views a month.

Getting to Know Dale

WIHT: How did you get into technology and web development?

Dale: I got a little taste of programming in one of my engineering courses, and it was the most engaged I was with any course throughout my degree. I learned a bit of Python here and there, while also creating personal websites with WordPress. Eventually, my interest grew, and I dove into learning Flask, Django, and then later on Javascript (along with frameworks like React).

WIHT: Windows, Mac, or GNU/Linux?

Dale: I grew up with Windows and only Windows. Naturally, when I started with web development, I tried to do it using Windows. It made everything harder than it should’ve been, and now I do all my web development on Linux.

WIHT: Do you own any websites?

Dale: Currently I own a few. I built Keyworddit, which is the only keyword tool that sources keyword suggestions from Reddit. I felt it was a novel way to build a list of diverse seed keywords when beginning a new project.

I also own Vegan Protein Lab, where I’ve been able to combine my web development skills with personal interest to create some neat tools (recipe database, amino acid comparison tool, data-driven product reviews).

WIHT: What hosting companies have you used?

Dale: I’ve used just about all the main hosting companies at one time or another. I started out with basic niche sites hosted on Bluehost and HostGator near the end of university. Over time, I’ve hosted projects on GreenGeeks, LiquidWeb, SiteGround, and more.

WIHT: Favorite code/text/HTML editor?

Dale: Atom is my go-to code editor. It’s beautiful, smooth, and has all the features I need for web development. I also like Visual Studio, but only use it for larger files where Atom has the tendency to slow down.

WIHT: When you aren’t sitting in front of a computer, what are you doing?

Dale: I play semi-professional soccer in the Toronto area, which takes up a lot of time during the summer. Otherwise, I’m playing with my cats Sterling and Simba, working out, or cooking for the most part.

WIHT: What do you like to watch on TV?

Dale: My favorite shows of all time are The Office and Psych. Currently, I’m really enjoying the series of Marvel shows on Netflix (Luke Cage, Daredevil, etc).

WIHT: Who do you use for hosting?

Dale: Most of my sites are built from scratch, so I either deploy a Digital Ocean server or use Heroku. When I have a project that needs a typical host, I go with Liquid Web for sites that need high performance, or SiteGround for a more affordable option.

WIHT: What do you love about freelance writing?

Dale: I love trying to create the perfect result for someone looking for help on a specific issue. How many times have you Googled something you needed an answer to and were frustrated by the results? When I’m writing, I imagine the type of people that could land on my post, and find satisfaction hoping that my writing made their lives a little easier.

Selected WhoIsHostingThis Writing

Dale has written quite a lot for WhoIsHostingThis.com and our sister sites. Here are a small selection of his writing here: