Marko Csokasi – Web Hosting Expert and Editor

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Getting to Know Marko

Marko was born in Hungary and spent the majority of his life growing up and living in London. He was a keen literature student from an early age, though he quickly left conventional schooling behind and taught himself a variety of skills to work as a freelance webmaster and editor.

Having worked with various clients across the tech, finance, and cryptocurrency sectors, Marko has been involved with and creating professional online content for over 4 years.

He enjoys creative writing and has a knack for poetry, screenplays, and fiction too.

Our Interview With Marko

In the following interview, we discuss Marko's thoughts on tech and other subjects.

How did you get into technology and web development?

I created a free WordPress site because I wanted to write a post about the lungless frog from Borneo. It may still be alive somewhere, though I long ago forgot the domain name...

Windows, Mac, or GNU/Linux?


Do you own any websites?

Not currently.

What hosting companies have you used?

SiteGround, Namecheap, GreenGeeks, and Site5.

How'd you get into technical writing?

After operating an online iGaming venture and taking my personal interest in cryptocurrencies to the point where worthwhile knowledge accumulated, I began to get paid for it.

Are you working on any cool projects?

Always. Currently working on remastering hosting reviews for WIHT with the odd webmaster task here and there. I always have a bunch of personal projects on the side too.

Favorite code/text/HTML editor?

Sublime Text 3.

Star Trek or Star Wars?


What are your favorite books?

I don't have one - the choice is too overwhelming.

Where are you in the world?

At the time of writing this, the south of Hungary.

When did you first use the internet?

Around 2000-2001.

Name one weird fact most people don't know about you.

What I do for a living...

When you aren't sitting in front of a computer, what are you doing?

Enjoying nature, reading, reflecting, pondering, spending time with loved ones.

What was your first computer?

Can't remember, though it ran Windows 95.

What do you like to watch on TV?

I don't watch TV.

What was the first website you ever built?

The aforementioned weirdo blog about a lungless frog.

Who do you use for hosting?

I have an active GreenGeeks plan but no live website.

Code from scratch or use a CMS?

Prefer scratch, though depends on the workflow of the individual project.

How did you learn web development?

Self-taught from many mistakes.

What do you love about freelance writing?

Being part of a team of a variety of characters from different parts of the world and my freedom to live as I please.

What do you hate about freelance writing?

Google's stiffening guidelines...

Elsewhere on the Web

Marko does not do social media.

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