Nermin Hajdarbegovic: Coding and Research Expert

Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Nermin works primarily for the freelance marketplace Toptal. But he is also a freelance writer who has published widely on a broad range of subjects in the high tech field.


Nermin was born in Tuzla Canton in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, he lives in Sarajevo. After completing secondary school at Gimnazija Meša Selimović, he want to the University of Sarajevo.

Before concentrating on writing, Nermin specialized in 3D graphics rendering for commercials, music videos, and cartoons.


He started work as a journalist for the companies TechEye and CoinDesk. From there, he went on to Fudzilla and his current position at Toptal.

In addition to his regular work, Nermin has worked as a freelance writer for a number of different publications.

Selected Word

Nermin has worked for for years and has written over a hundred articles on every conceivable topic. Here is a small list of the work he's done for us.

  • Whitespace Introduction and Resources: this article introduces the reader to one of the most esoteric languages: Whitespace. It is so named, because it only uses spaces, tabs, and linefeeds for its code. Fascinating stuff for the true computer geek!

  • How to Become a Professional Programmer: if you'd like to turn your computer hobby into a profession, this is the article that will get you started.

  • Website Usability Testing Tools: it doesn't matter how great your website looks if people can't figure out how to use it. This article provides you with tools for testing and improving your website's usability.

  • The Best Ajax Hosting: Ajax is a way of programming that turns webpages into applications. In the past, when a change needed to be made to a page, the whole page needed to be reloaded. But not anymore. This article will provide you with an intoduction to Ajax programming.

  • The 60 Second Guide to B2/Cafelog: learn all about this groundbreaking blog that used MySQL as its backend. Although no longer around, it was the blog that became WordPress. Fascinating computer lore!

  • BBC Basic Introduction and Resources: when the BBC decided to produce a series on computers in the early 1980s, they had a computer and programming language to go along with it. The language and computers are still around, although only interesting to hobbyists. But the story is amazing.

  • Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Experts: AI is one of the most exciting fields in computer science. Learn about the top people in the field and how they are expanding our horizons.

  • Machine Learning Resources: find out about the science of machine learning and how you can get into it.

  • CORBA Introduction and Resources: your first stop in becoming an expert with this system for creating distributed software.

  • Perl Hosting: learn about Perl and what kind of hosting you need to take full use of it.

  • MilesWeb Profile: check out this review of the large Indian web host.