Tom Gerencer

Tom is a sometimes web developer and award-winning writer who has published actively in a broad range of subjects including tech. He’s also an avid science fiction nut who’s sold several stories to national markets. He lives and works in West Virginia.


Tom Gerencer is a former whitewater professional who ran his own successful video production business in Maine for eight years.

He’s created several of his own websites from scratch, including a nifty web app for video sales and streaming before that was a thing.


An award-winning writer, Tom has written extensively for the corporate video market and numerous blogs. He’s publishing over 750 articles on finance, celebrities, nutrition, real estate, and tech.

He is also an avid science fiction fan who has published widely in national markets.

Tom lives and works in West Virginia, a region known for its fantastic mix of California activities and Appalachia prices.

Selected Writing

Tom writes more for our sister sites like,, and But here are a couple of his articles for