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Getting to Know Tom

Tom Riecken works at the University of Washington. He is also a freelance writer with a focus in technology.

Tom is a Washington native. He graduated from Tahoma Senior High School in 2006. After that, he received his BS in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Washington.

During his time at the University of Washington, Tom was an Undergrad Researcher. So it isn't surprising that after school he followed a tech career path, mostly doing technology troubleshooting and consulting.

In early 2014, Tom became an independent contractor, still doing straight technical work, but also doing technical writing for games and technical blogs.

Today, Tom works at the University of Washington. But he has been a freelance content writer, web developer, and data analyst.

He is involved with several global and local "futurist" organizations, where he often facilitates discussions about the social impact of technology.

His strongest recreational interests include spaceflight, astronomy, and realistic science fiction. He lives in Kenmore, Washington.

Selected WhoIsHostingThis Writing

Tom's work for has focused on our more technical articles. But he also writes articles for students and other things for a lay audience. Here is a small sample of his work.

  • C++ Developer Resources: this short introduction provides lots of resources for developers — from basic coding to specific kinds of applications.

  • Flat Calendar Hosting: if you want a calendar system on your website, you probably shouldn't use Flat Calendar. This article provides you with the best alternatives.

  • A+ Math Student Guide and Resources: a great article for math learners of all ages with tips and loads of online resources.

  • Perl Guide and Resources: this article introduces you to the powerful programming language and provides resources for becoming its master.

  • The Ultimate Guide to ASCII Encoding: although it is the most basic character encoding system, it is really important. You'll be amazed at how much there is to know about it.

  • Computer Careers: if you are interested in a career in computers, this article is the place to start with things you should know and resources you'll need.

  • Network Programming with Internet Sockets: get down to the bare bones with this introduction to network programming, which includes resources for learning even more.

Elsewhere on the Web

Tom can be found elsewhere on the web:

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