Month: October 2010

Domain Squatting: How to Reclaim Your Name

7 Of The Rarest TLDs Around

The most common TLDs are .com, .net and .org. Other well-known TLDs include .us, .ly and .to. But some TLDs are so rare, you would never be able to register one if you tried. Let’s run through some of the most interesting. 1. .AERO The .AERO TLD is dedicated solely to the aviation industry. If […]

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Domain name license agreement

The Future of .ly Domain Names

In 2010, sex columnist and blogger Violet Blue registered the domain to use as a one-page link-shortening service. She didn’t anticipate too many problems. She was already well-experienced in hosting adult content legally. But, the domain registrar for the Libyan TLD .ly, revoked the domain with no warning. It said the URL violated […]

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