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Your Home Devices Could Be Hacked In Minutes: Here’s What You Need To Know.

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14 Easy Hacker Targets That Should've Stayed Offline

Most of the billions of people who go online every day do so to perform mundane tasks like checking email, shopping, banking, and using social media.

The World Wide Web has made these everyday tasks so much more convenient, now that everything from bank accounts to baby monitors can be accessed online. Why drive to the bank when you can now scan a check to deposit it, or check on the baby every five minutes when you can see her on your Wi-fi webcam?

Every day, more and more objects are being connected to the World Wide Web in the growing Internet of Things, improving our everyday lives and driving business growth.

But some businesses may be going a bit too far in enabling online access for their systems and devices, without considering all the consequences of that connectivity.

It's easy to understand why some of these things enable online access without much thought given to security. How many parents worry about their baby monitors being hacked? Yet that's exactly what happened in April of 2014, when someone went online and hacked into a Foscam wireless IP camera and used it to scream at a sleeping baby.

You'd think, however, that things like hospital records and school utilities would use the strictest security measures to keep them safe and secure from anyone with malicious intent. But many of these systems have been connected to the World Wide Web without any additional security measures, leaving them open and vulnerable to anyone who can guess a simple username and password.

Using a search engine like Shodan, which searches for devices connected to the Internet, it's shockingly easy for hackers to identify easy targets like traffic lights and security cameras, and even sewage treatment systems and power plants. Just check out the list below to find the 14 most surprising systems hackers were able to easily access through the web.

14 Things that Shouldnt Be Online

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