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Photoshop Tutorials: 101 Of the Best

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101 Photoshop Tutorials: From Competent to Magnificent

Photoshop enables you to pull off some advanced image editing techniques with little effort. The program contains an army of tools to help you work smarter, not harder. You can use it for anything from basic photo editing, to making a giant papercraft head of yourself for Halloween - it's up to you how far you take it.

This list has tutorials to help you increase your abilities, as well as projects that practice your skills. So, crack your knuckles, grab a cup of coffee - and dive in.

Photoshop Basics

The links below can help you get to know your way around Photoshop. You will find guides on using the application and tips on setting up your workspace.

1. Getting to Know Your Workspace

If you are new to Photoshop or need a refresher, this tutorial will help. Get a full overview of the Photoshop environment - and learn how to set your workspace.

2. Using Adobe's Bridge

Bridge is media management software. This tutorial shows you how to setup up Bridge with Photoshop for a smooth experience.

3. Saving Files to Graphics Format

The nature of your project will dictate which type of file format you want to use. Find out how to save files in every supported format.

4. Using the Tool Gallery

Get to know your way around the different Tool Galleries (Selection, Crop and Slice, Retouching, Painting, Drawing, Navigation, and 3D tools) and learn how to customize them.

5. Increase or Decrease Canvas Size With the Crop Tool

The crop tool is probably the most convenient way to change the size of your canvas.

6. Using Grids and Guidelines

Grids can be a useful visual aid. Photoshop provides grids and gridlines you can use to guide your projects.

7. Create Actions in Photoshop

Actions are macros that you can use to automate tasks and build custom file templates among other things.

8. Work with Smart Objects in Photoshop

Learn how to create Smart Objects and what you can use them for.

9. How to Use Camera Raw

If you have a supported camera, you can use Camera Raw to edit the Raw files in Photoshop.

10. Make Non-Destructive Edits with Camera Raw

There are some advantages to editing Raw files over JPGs. This tutorial shows you how to make non-destructive edits with Camera Raw in Photoshop.

Getting to Know the Editing Tools

This section contains tutorials that can help you gain proficiency with Photoshop. Once you are familiar with the settings and tool options, or as the famous recording artist Beck might say, "All the rules you choose to get loose" - you can really get creative.

11. Change the Perspective of an Image with Warp

You may want to warp an image to change its perspective for a number of reasons.

12. All About Brushes

Get tips on using brushes, brush settings, custom brushes, shortcuts, and more.

13. Getting a Grip on the Pen Tool

The Pen Tool is an essential tool for drawing, and creating paths. Learn how to get a grip on it here.

14. Erase Backgrounds Fast

The Background Eraser is one of the best tools to remove unwanted areas of an image. It is especially useful for tight spaces around complex shapes.

15. How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool

The clone stamp tool is quite versatile. This tutorial gives a basic overview of the tool along with a practice file to play with.

16. Make Similar Pixels Transparent

You can use the Magic Eraser tool to change similar pixels to transparent to remove unwanted background areas.

17. Auto Erase with the Pencil Tool

You can automatically erase unwanted backgrounds with the pencil tool. Learn how and when you should use it.

The Selection Process

There are multiple ways to select parts of an image in Photoshop. Making clean selections that are easy to work with isn't always easy, but Photoshop has many tools designed to help. The tutorials below will help you master to art of selecting.

18. Using the Marquee Tools

The Marquee Tools include the Rectangular Marquee, and the Eliptical Marquee. Learn about their settings and features here.

19. Using the Lasso and Magic Wand Tools

This is a short and sweet demonstration on using the Lasso and Magic Wand Tools to make selections.

20. Using the Quick Selection Tools

The Quick Selection tool takes the headache out of making selections.

21. Make Selections Based on Color

Get to know how to use Color Range to select a certain color or range of colors.

22. Resize Multiple Images

Ever wanted to resize more than one image or layer at once? Learn how.

23. Making Complex Selections with Quick Mask Mode

Quick Mask Mode allows you to make complex selections easily.

The Power of Layers and Layer Masks

Working with Layers is an incredibly powerful and convenient way to edit images. The concept of working with layers is central to Photoshop's approach. The tutorials below have lots of good information on working with layers, and layer masks.

24. Intro to Layers

If you are interested in learning how Layers work, this is the place to start. Explore the Layers Panel and learn how to create, edit, and manipulate layers.

25. Ultimate Guide to Adjustment Layers

This tutorial takes a look at Color Balance and Selective Color. These tools can be used to add a striking effect to any image.

26. Hiding and Showing With Clipping Masks

You can use clipping masks to cut out shapes for a number of purposes.

27. Interlacing Layers

By interlacing layers, you can interweave objects together. This tutorial shows you how to do this using layers and selections.

28. Automatically Align Objects in Layers

Learn how to use the powerful features of the Move Tool to automatically align layers.

29. Layer Shortcuts

Shortcuts help you work quickly so you can get things done at the speed of inspiration. This tutorial will teach you essential layer shortcuts.

30. Creating a Quick Mask

Quick Masks (Rubylith Overlay) were added in Photshop 4.0 to the delight of anyone who has ever used the Lasso to cutout anything fuzzy, hairy, or wooly. Learn how to use them to make complex selections.

31. Layer Blending

Helpful tips and explanations on blending modes in Photoshop. This comprehensive tutorial walks you through it in practice as well.

32. Create a Star Trail Image with Masking

This tutorial uses some advanced masking techniques to simulate star trails in the background of an image.

33. Refining a Mask

Learn how you can use the Refine Mask panel to adjust your masks. The settings and options give you tight control over your selections.

34. Create a Precise Vector Mask

Vector Masks are usually more precise than their pixel-based counterparts. This tutorial shows you how to use the shape tools, or the pen tool to create a Vector Mask.

Image Retouching and Editing

In Photoshop, you can remove a wart, turn back time, correct lighting, resize images, and add artistic effects to an image all within the span of the time it takes to get up and walk to the refrigerator. The tutorials below have all sorts of tips to help you sweeten your photos and make them better overall.

35. Use Photoshop as a Photo Editor

Many people just want to do some basic photo editing. This tutorial can help you spruce up your photos with some essential photo editing techniques.

36. Retouch and Repair Photos

Learn how you can soften skin tone, sharpen eyes, and sharpen lips to enhance your photos.

37. Straighten Photos with the Crop Tool

This simple guide shows how to rotate an image and use the crop tool to remove unwanted areas.

38. How to Whiten Teeth

Ever meet someone in public whose teeth don't quite live up to their digital counterpart's? Perhaps they have been using a little Photoshop magic to hide the truth. Find out how to go from dingy yellow to pearly white with a few clicks.

39. Easily Change Eye Color

Changing the eye color of your subject can be delicate work. This tutorial shows you how to do it with ease.

40. Remove Wrinkles

Want to learn how to make someone appear younger? The healing brush can reduce or remove the appearance of wrinkles.

41. Make Someone Look Older

This tutorial shows you how to add 40 years to a photo in just 20 minutes. It's very detailed and easy to understand.

42. Make Someone Look Younger

You can reverse the aging process just as easily. This tutorial shows how to make skin look 20 years younger.

43. Hair or Bare? Removing Unwanted Hair

Tell your model to skip the beauty salon today (depending on how much they need it). Learn how to remove hair from a photo.

44. Improve Tonal Quality with Levels

Photographers can get plenty of use out of the Levels histogram. This tutorial shows you how to use Levels to adjust the color tones in your image.

45. Use a Lumosity Mask to Add Dramatic Shadows

This tutorial shows you how to use a Lumosity Mask to control highlights and shadows.

46. Sharpening Your Photos

This short video gives you a brief, yet thorough explanation of sharpening.

Color, Shadows, and Highlights in Photoshop

Photoshop has many tools to help you work with color, shadows, and highlights the smart way - not the hard way. After all, learning how to automate tasks that are painstakingly laborious is half the job of a designer.

47. Convert a Photo to Black and White

This is an incredibly useful trick to know. Learn how to convert a photo to black and white, then add it to an adjustment layer for editing.

48. Use Shadows/Highlights Command

This tutorial shows you how to use the Shadows/Highlights command to adjust the tone of an image. This is useful for correcting areas of an image that are too dark or light.

49. How to Dodge and Burn

Learn how to use the Dodge tool to lighten areas of an image, and the Burn tool to darken areas.

50. Digital Painting 101 With the Brush Panel

This is an introduction to digital painting through Photoshop. Get familiar with the Brush Panel in all its glory.

51. Painting with the Brush and Pencil Tools

There is a short video explaining how to paint, edit, and adjust an image using Photoshop's Painting Tools. Check this out if you want to learn how to set up the Brush and Pencil.

52. Match Color and Tone Using Curves

With Curves you can have dynamic control over the color and tone of an image.

53. Match Skin Tones

Inconsistent distribution of light and shadow can cause skin tones to look unnatural in photographs. This tutorial shows you how to match skin tones, the right way.

54. Adjusting Hue and Saturation

This tutorial gives you a complete rundown on using Hue/Saturation - another powerful tool for adjusting both the tone and color of your images.

55. Hard Light Blending

Hard light blending is very easy to do for any beginner. Learn how to achieve this striking effect on a portrait.

Animation and Video Editing

Photoshop has changed immensely since the first version came out in 1990. Since CS3, Photoshop has the capability for basic video editing and animation. See the tutorials below to find out how to put those tools to work.

56. Create Frame Animation

This tutorial shows you how to create timeline animations to create your own animation.

57. Edit Video

Photoshop also allows you to edit video and add audio. This tutorial shows you the basics of video editing in Photoshop.

58. Print Large Posters

This article shows you how to set up Photoshop to print large documents through a commercial printing press.

59. Create Animated GIFs

GIFs can have much more of an impact than a static image. This tutorial shows you how to create a looping animated GIF.

Graphic Design Web Design Tutorials

The following tutorials cover projects related to the fields of graphic design, and web design.

60. Create a 3D Soda Can

This detailed tutorial shows you how to create a 3D cylinder (a soda can), and add your own label.

61. 3D Packaging Mockup

Learn how to create a mockup for a 3D package to prototype a design.

62. Use Photoshop for Web Design

You should have a basic working knowledge of HTML for this one. This is a detailed tutorial that may take some time, but it is well-written. It goes through the process of designing a layout in Photoshop, then converting it to HTML.

63. Create a Business Card Mockup

Whether you are an aspiring designer or you want to create your own business cards, this tutorial can help. Learn how to make a business card mockup with the vanishing point filter.

64. Photorealistic T-Shirt Mockup

Make your own custom t-shirt mockup for apparel design. This tutorial is a good example of setting up your layers before you begin editing.

65. Adding a Realistic Tattoo

You can also use a similar method to add tattoos to your subject. Try this tutorial to find out how.

66. Mobile Web Design Using Artboards

Artboards make it easier to tailor your design for mobile devices.

Fun Example Projects

The best way to learn is by doing. Try out the fun-filled projects below to build up your Photoshop chops. These tutorials are excellent for building practical skills in Photoshop. The skill levels range from beginner to intermediate.

67. Create a Caricature

This is a fun one that doesn't take too much effort. This step-by-step guide and video shows you how to use Transform, Warp, and Liquify to make a caricature.

68. Jelly Bean Text Effect

This tutorial is a good workout for anyone who needs experience setting up custom brushes. You'll be creating a tasty 3D jelly bean text. Cool Beans!

69. Create a Geometric Pattern in 60 Seconds

This quick little tutorial shows you how to make a geometric pattern in 60 seconds. This is a good exercise for making your own tiled patterns.

70. How to Create a Sketch Effect with an Action

Create an action to instantly turn a photo into a sketch. The result is very sophisticated, especially considering how easy this one is.

71. Endless Picture Frame Illusion

Put yourself in The Twilight Zone and create an illusion in the vein of MC Escher or Shigeo Fukuda. This in-depth tutorial lets you practice a variety of useful skills.

72. Create Lego Block Art

With Photoshop you can simulate any texture. Learn how to create Lego block art using a series of selections, masks, and layer adjustments.

73. Create a Painted Pet Portrait

Go from realistic to Rembrandt in a few minutes. Create a dramatic painting of your dog (or cat) with this adorable tutorial.

74. Trendy Portrait with Double Exposure

Single exposure is fine for the average photographer, but double exposure can be twice as nice. Learn how to make a professional, trendy double exposure portrait.

75. Create a Textured Geometric Shape

This walkthrough is great for building up your skills with custom shapes.

76. Create a Poster with Drawn Elements

Adding drawn elements to an image can add depth and whimsy. Checkout this tutorial that blends digital art with hand drawn doodles.

77. Turn a Photo Into a Painting

Filters can turn what used to be hours of work into a single click. Learn how to apply the artistic filter to turn any photo into a painting.

78. Create Your Own Emoticons

Create your emoticons in Photoshop with pixel art. Have fun with this easy tutorial.

79. Abstract Energy Lines

This project shows you how to add some energetic lines to an image. This is good practice for using the pen tool and working with layers.

80. Harness the Power of the High Pass Filter

Knowledgeable Photoshop users can get lots of mileage out of the high pass filter. Learn how to use it for sharpening, softening, and contrast adjustment.

81. Focus on Your Subject by Blurring the Background

This tutorial shows you how to put the focus on your subject, by blurring specific points of the background.

82. Realistic Painting Effect

Sometimes reality just isn't enough. A hyper-realistic effect adds a dose of imagination to spice up things.

83. Using Iris Blur

This short tutorial is a study on using Iris Blur to create a variety of different results.

84. Create Fiery Portrait Like Jean Gray Phoenix

Here's a fun little tutorial on how to make a fiery portrait to give your subject some serious attitude.

85. Get Amazing Light Effects

Try out this tutorial to get some interesting light effects. This is a really fun one for intermediate users.

86. Create a Motion Blur

Make it look like you are moving fast with this beginner level tutorial on the motion blur effect.

87. Create a Glowing Effect

A short tutorial that shows you how to quickly add a glowing effect to an image.

88. Make a Surreal Underwater Scene

Practice your technical skills in Photoshop while you build an adorable composite image of a cat on the high seas.

89. Make an Andy Warhol Style Image

Andy Warhol, the influential 20th century artist who popularized the pop art movement, used assistants to help create many of his illustrations. Instead of using people as assistants, you can use Photoshop to create a Warhol style effect on your image.

90. Make Cool Vector Shapes

Photoshop CS6 added the feature to create vector shape layers. This tutorial shows you how to use them.

91. Get a Boke Effect

Creating a boke effect is an easy way to add an air of sophistication to an image.

92. Swap Heads

This tutorial walks you through the time-honored tradition of swapping heads in Photoshop. Have fun and be nice.

93. How to Lose Weight in Photoshop

We all know that the camera adds ten pounds. With Photoshop and a little finesse, you can make your subject look much thinner.

94. Remove Red Eye

Red eye can turn a normal human being in the photo into someone that resembles a demon from Bloody Mallory. Learn how to get rid of it as easily as Olivia Bonamy vanquishes the undead.

95. Change Hair Color

This tutorial shows you a couple basic techniques for changing hair color using the healing brush.

96. Replicating Henry Matisse

Reinterpret Henry Matisse with this fine arts tutorial.

97. Creating Wood Textures in Photoshop

Learn how this designer goes about simulating wood textures in Photoshop.

98. How to Make a Francis Bacon Style Portrait

Learn how to make an emotionally expressive self-portrait in the style of Francis Bacon Francis Bacon.

99. Create an Embedded Concrete Effect

This tutorial shows you how to create a concrete effect with embedded text.

100. Create a Water Splash

Create a custom water splash image from scratch with this tutorial.

101. Create a New Species of Animal

Realistic composite images are always fun to make. Try this one out to create a funky new species of animal like a cabbit.

Expand Your Photoshop Knowledge

All of these tutorials should keep your pretty busy for a while. You won't be able to help expanding your skillset. Happy learning!

Image cropped by from Photoshop Background Water Planet by Ajale. It is in the public domain.
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