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Use These 50 Plugins to Supercharge Your WordPress E-Commerce Site

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Running an e-commerce website can be hard. It's necessary to be aware of all the ways you can make it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for and make purchases.

Although there are various e-commerce providers out there, building a store on WordPress gives you access to its countless themes and plugins, allowing you to create almost any kind of store you want.

WordPress e-commerce plugins have been designed to optimize the performance of your online store by making it easier for customers to navigate and for you to manage.

Many of these plugins can provide you with an entire store platform. Others are designed to do just one thing, such as place an SSL script on your website

Check out this list of 50 useful e-commerce plugins and you are sure to find at least one new addition to your WordPress website.

Complete Online Store Plugins

These WordPress plugins create an entire store platform on which to build your online business. They include basic necessities such as product catalogs, shopping carts, and payment integration. Many of them also offer additional features for enhancing your store.

General Store Plugins

  1. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin. The plugin gives you a fully-functioning online store, complete with additional extensions and themes to customize your design and layout. The store can sell both digital and physical products. WooCommerce supports inventory management, as well as shipping and payment options. For people who don't know a lot about running an online store, WooCommerce provides a knowledgebase, good documentation, and community forums for support.
  2. Jigoshop makes it easy to set up an entire online store in minutes. Create multiple product types and apply attributes so that customers can sort your catalog to find what they're looking for. Jigoshop has over 100 free and paid extensions such a specific payment gateways or optional shipping methods.
  3. Cart66 is a paid plugin that gives you everything you need to get started with an online store. It gives you access to 100+ built-in payment gateways which are secure and PCI compliant. Cart66 also includes SSL security so your customers can feel good about entering payment information on your website. Sell almost anything such as product bundles, music, or online magazine subscriptions.
  4. MarketPress has a surprising number of features, for a completely free e-commerce option. The plugin comes with 15 payment gateways, 120 different currencies, multiple product types, and one-page checkouts. MarketPress also allows you to offer coupons, discounts, and affiliate products at your store.
  5. Selz WordPress Ecommerce's free plan will only allow you to have 5 items in your store. Paid plans will allow for more items and open up your options to advanced store features. The Selz plugin works with any WordPress theme and includes a free SSL certificate. Manage and review products, sales, and customers easily through the Selz dashboard.
  6. Exchange WP is a simple plugin for less advanced users. It allows you to set up a store quickly and add products without difficulty. For people that are less technically inclined, iThemes Exchange has an easy set-up wizard to follow. Exchange WP offers the Stripe payment gateway as a free add-on. This plugin will provide everything you need without overcomplicating your store.

Specialized Store Plugins

  1. Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin that allows you to sell digital downloads online. It is easy to use and comes with many powerful features. Since the plugin is optimized for digital selling, anyone creating a store for music downloads or eBooks should try it out. There are many extensions available for payment gateways or other services.
  2. Shopp allows for subscription-based products as well as multiple product types in a store. The plugin was designed to be PCI compliant and it pays special attention to the security of your store visitors. Be aware that Shopp only offers limited themes for the design of your store.
  3. WP eCommerce makes it easy for advanced users to customize the look of their store with CSS and HTML customizations. Less advanced users will need to seek help from WP eCommerce consultants. Features include built-in marketing and shipping tools as well as secure SSL checkouts.
  4. eCommerce gives you access to either PayPal or Stripe, lets you customize your galleries, and is mobile responsive. After customers complete payment at your store, they are redirected back to your website so they can keep browsing. Discount codes, Lightbox, and more payment options can be accessed by paying for premium features.
  5. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace is a plugin for creating a multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress. It allows you to earn through the commissions of your vendors. Dokan is perfect for anyone wanting to start their own marketplace like eBay or Amazon.
Fulfillment: Shopping Cart, Check-Out, and Shipping Plugins
E-commerce fulfillment (image via iStockPhoto).

Shopping Cart, Check-Out, and Shipping Plugins

Once you have your store up and running, you will likely want to add to it to make the shopping process easier for your customers by providing better shopping carts and easier check-out systems. Then, when a sell is made, you need an easy way to fulfill the order. All of these plugins will help.


  1. Ecwid E-Commerce Shopping Cart integrates with major shipping carriers such as UPS, FedX, and Canada Post to calculate your shipping rates. This is a great plugin for people with a Facebook store because it synchronizes your Facebook products, customers, orders, and inventory with your WordPress website.
  2. eCommerce WD allows you to create different shipping methods and tax rules for single products or groups. Assign values and parameters for products and change prices depending on these values. For example, you could charge different prices for multiple item packs. However, the plugin only uses PayPal for payment processing.
  3. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping calculates shipping costs based on order weight. You will be able to create shipping rules for different order destinations or price flexibility.

Shopping Carts

  1. WooCommerce Cart Tab puts a tab on your website that displays the number of items a customer has in their cart. This makes it easier for customers to find their cart when they want to view items they've added or proceed to checkout.
  2. WooCommerce Menu Cart does the same as the plugin listed above but adds a few features. You can choose to display your cart icon, how many items the customer has in it, or the total price. You can also customize the CSS of this plugin to make it appear how you want.
  3. WP EasyCart is a full WordPress shopping cart for your online store. It allows you to sell multiple product types and include gift cards or promotional codes. You will have to pay for upgraded versions to gain access to some features such as live gateways and shipping calculators.

Check-Out and Misc

  1. PayPal Buy Now Button allows you to sell products or services through PayPal with one simple button that you can place anywhere on your website. This could be a great plugin for people that don't want to set up an entire e-commerce website but just have a few products to sell.
  2. WooCommerce Pay for Payment allows you to charge different fees for customers using different payment methods. This is great if you want your customers to cover the fees associated with credit card transactions.
  3. WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to customize your WooCommerce checkout fields. For example, you can reorder and rename sections in your billing and shipping boxes rather than being stuck with the default WooCommerce checkout system.
  4. WP Simple Pay lets you accept payments with Stripe which allows customers to checkout with their credit cards.
  5. Razorpay for WooCommerce is a payment gateway plugin that accepts credit cards, debit cards, and other payment methods on your WooCommerce store. The plugin will not redirect customers away from your store to pay, reducing the probability of cart abandonment.
Old-Fashioned Catalog (image via Pixabay).

Product Catalog Plugins

The plugins in this category make it easier to display your merchandise - either as a full catalog or as different ways to make buying easier.

Full Catalogs

  1. eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPresscreates a beautiful, responsive product catalog to display anywhere on your website. Customize your catalog with the template files or CSS, and let your customers request quotes for your services.
  2. Product Catalog for WordPress includes zooming features, discount price displays, and comment blocks. Add unlimited products to your store and drag and drop to reorder. Additionally, the plugin will display related products when a customer selects one to view.
  3. Gallery eCommerce create galleries by adding images, titles, descriptions, and tags for your products. Add parameters for each of your products such as colors or sizes for customers to choose from.

Other Catalog Features

  1. RFQ-ToolKit for WooCommerce was built to turn a WooCommerce shopping cart into a system that allows customers to request quotes instead of making direct purchases. This can be useful if you're offering complicated services rather than products.
  2. WooCommerce Grid / List Toggle allows users to toggle between lists and grids when viewing your products.
  3. Woocommerce Quick Buy adds a quick-purchase button to your WooCommerce store. When a customer clicks the button on a product, they are brought directly to your checkout.
  4. WooCommerce Product Image Flipper reveals a second image in your product gallery when someone hovers over an item. This could be used to display both the front and back of clothing items to shoppers.
Marketing (image by Nick Youngson licensed through CC BY-SA 3.0).

Marketing Plugins

Once someone visits your site, don't miss out on a great marketing opportunity. Even if they don't buy anything, they may want to sign-up for your newsletter or share your store on social media. These plugins will help you in a number of ways.

Pop-Ups and Buttons

  1. Popup Maker™ creates any type of popup to place on your store website. For example, add popup content forms, intent to leave popups, email address collection, slide-ins, newsletter opt-ins, announcements, or welcome pop-ups. Pop-ups can help increase conversions on your store and build email lists for marketing purposes.
  2. Holler Box allows you to create popups and banners so you can generate more leads and increase conversions for your store. The plugin connects with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. Popups can promote discounts or collect email addresses. Have them display according to a time delay, scroll trigger, or user behavior.
  3. AddToAny Share Buttons adds share buttons anywhere on your store so your visitors can share your products and pages on social media.
  4. Refer a Friend for WooCommerce creates a referral system on your website that allows you to give customers coupons for inviting other people to your website. Incentivize people to get the word out about your store.

Other Tools

  1. MailChimp for WordPress allows you to add sign-up methods on your WordPress website to build your MailChimp email list. Then you can use MailChimp to conduct valuable email marketing to people who have previously signed up on your website.
  2. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist gives your customers the ability to create wish lists which they can share with friends and family on social networks. This can be beneficial for increasing product sales during the holidays.

Plugins for Security

If your e-commerce store isn't secure, you will never succeed. Either you will get ripped-off or your customers will be - and both are death for any store. These plugins will protect you and your customers.

  1. FraudLabs Pro for WooCommerce protects your store from fraud by screening the order transactions on your website for fraud patterns. The plugin also provides you with a detailed report of all orders made on your store.
  2. McAfee SECURE scans your site for malware and viruses and then shows your visitors that your website is secure with the McAfee SECURE trustmark. This plugin will only display the trustmark for up to 500 visitors per month for free.
  3. Really Simple SSL allows you to easily place an SSL certificate on your site with just one click. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase your own SSL certificate elsewhere first since the plugin does not supply one.

Plugins for Analytics

These 5 plugins all integrate analytics into your e-commerce website, so you can track your visitors and sales trends.

These can give you valuable insights, such as what products your visitors are buying, how well your advertisements are converting, and where most of your shoppers are coming from.

  1. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce
  2. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
  3. WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics Integration with Conversion Tracking
  4. Google Analytics WD
  5. WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.
Website Analytics on Computer (image via Snappa).

Other Useful E-Commerce Plugins

Here is a grab-bag of plugins that will help you with everything from gift wrapping to running charity campaigns. Depending on your business, these plugins could be essential.

  1. Woocommerce Gift Wrapper lets you add gift wrap options to your products at checkout. You can charge extra for gift-wrapping items for your customers. This may be a perfect plugin to implement before the holiday season.
  2. Woocommerce User Email Verification is designed to verify the email addresses of people that register on your website. It sends a verification link to their inbox which they must click on to complete their registration. This may be a useful plugin for people offering subscription services or membership based e-commerce.
  3. Smart Manager gives you Excel-like spreadsheets for managing products, customers, coupons, and orders on your WooCommerce WordPress store. Their system lets you find products easily to edit or delete, and conduct administrative tasks such as reviewing orders or updating prices.
  4. WooCommerce Multilingual connects your online store to WPML, the multilingual plugin for WordPress. The plugin will translate all store products, attributes, and categories. It also allows you to offer product pricing in multiple currencies.
  5. Give is a donation plugin for WordPress that allows website visitors to give charitable gifts on your website. You can build custom donation forms, add goals, view statistics, and integrate it with a variety of payment gateways.
  6. PayPal Donations adds a PayPal donation sidebar to your WordPress website.
  7. Paid Memberships Pro lets you offer unlimited levels of flexible membership pricing, so you can offer services or product subscriptions to various levels of membership. You could use the plugin to offer online courses or regular content delivery of videos and podcasts. Customers will be able to choose which pricing level they want to subscribe to.


E-commerce is great in that it is very inexpensive to start a store. But to be successful, you will have to do a lot of work. These plugins will make much of that work far easier. Don't do manually what you can automate, because there will always be other work that needs to be done. So go through this list and find the plugins you need.

They will help you to make your e-commerce store a success.

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