The Best Check Payments Hosting: Who’s The Best For Your Site? [Updated: 2019]

Which Hosting Companies Accept Payments by Check?

Not all web hosting companies allow for all payment types. If you need to pay for hosting by check, make sure you check to see if they’re accepted before signing up for a hosting account.

Has this ever happened to you?

You are designing a new website for a small client — maybe a church or a social club, or perhaps a small business. The plan is that once you have finished building the site, you will train them how to add content and make minor updates, and then they will take it over. You set up a new hosting account, using your own business credit card to pay for the first year’s service (which you calculated into your rate, of course), and got to work.

Then, sometime a week or so before final delivery you get a weird email from the bookkeeper, who you haven’t even talked to until now.

“Just let me know where to send the check for the hosting company.”

Didn’t you explain how this was going to work? You’re pretty sure you did, but it doesn’t matter now. Clearly, someone is confused. You respond.

“No need to send a check. This year is covered in my fee. You’ll just need to provide them your credit card info so they can process renewal next year.”

You’re afraid to look at your email for a day or two, but you finally check it. There’s a brief response (CCed to everybody) from the book keeper, about how they don’t use credit cards, followed by a series of increasingly cryptic and impatient emails from various committee members.

Some of them, like you, can’t believe this organization doesn’t have any credit cards at all. Others are making wild claims about the dangers of identity theft and how, even if they had a credit card, they certainly wouldn’t let the web hosting company store it for future billing purposes.

Some one has suggested using their own personal card. Someone else has asked if you could use your card to pay for it and they can reimburse you every year, but you’re starting to think that you don’t want to talk to any of these people ever again.

All of this could have been avoided if you just knew that paying by check was a requirement for your choice of hosting company.

The vast majority of web hosting companies want you to pay by credit card. But there are several who will send physical (paper) invoices and allow for check payments.

Be sure you choose a hosting company that has the payment options you need.

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Who's Best for Check Payments Hosting?

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    Compare Check Payments Hosting Plans

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    InMotion Hosting

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    $3.99 / mo

    Business Launch plan

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    574 Reviews

    $2.75 / mo

    Linux Hatchling plan

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    436 Reviews

    $1.99 / mo

    Essential Plan plan

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    152 Reviews

    $3.49 / mo

    Basic plan

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    66 Reviews

    $59 / mo

    2 GB VPS plan

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    Hostinger screenshot


    16 Reviews

    $0.80 / mo

    Single Site Hosting plan

    Usual price: Get % off!
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    iPower screenshot


    44 Reviews

    $3.25 / mo

    Starter plan

    Usual price: Get % off!
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    PowWeb screenshot


    20 Reviews

    $4.18 / mo

    One Plan plan

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    EasyCGI screenshot


    8 Reviews

    $7.96 / mo

    AdvanceX plan

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