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Compare Docker Hosting

Docker is the industry standard software for app development and deployment. While Docker is easy to use, it is also powerful, which means that not all web hosting platforms are up to the challenge of running the software. Generally speaking, Docker requires a VPS or dedicated server in order to reach its full potential, but which hosting platform is best for Docker? In this article, we will cover the basics of what Docker does, as well as give our recommendations, based on expert and customer reviews, for which web hosting platforms are ideal for web developers who use Docker.

We discuss the best Docker hosts in detail below, but if you just want to know the best, here they are:

  1. A2 Hosting – Top-of-the-line servers with step-by-step Docker installation help
  2. LiquidWeb
  3. InterServer
  4. DigitalOcean
  5. FastComet

How Did We Pick the Best Docker Hosts?

We’ve gone through the hundreds of top web hosting companies and found the ones that offer powerful VPS and dedicated hosting with Docker either installed or easily installed.

We further narrowed down the choice by integrating our thousands of expert and customer reviews to find the top-10 Docker hosts.

Comparing Docker Hosting

Docker Hosting

What You’ll Learn

Simply put, I will be teaching you about the ups, the downs and the general good-to-knows about Docker Hosting. Aside from the ability to pick the bests hosts with Docker in mind, you’ll also learn about this popular application development and deployment tool.

Understanding of application deployment in containers is a useful function to be clear with. Docker runs on Linux, which I will cover further in-depth as we get into more detail.

An Introduction to Docker

Docker is a tool used to create containers, which allow developers to package and send all the pieces needed to make an application run smoothly. A container means they don’t have to worry that the settings on the computer used to deploy the application creating conflicts.

Arguably the largest container open-source project, Docker is leading the charge toward a more efficient online world. Supporting everything from version control systems to Minecraft servers, containerization has long been shaking the app development world.

Don’t Virtual Machines do the Same Thing?

The days of dealing with bulky, resource-hogging virtual machines just to run a handful of small applications are over. Now, those apps work in a small, contained environment. Free from software conflicts, this is a perfect solution for app developers in need of stable testing grounds — but the uses of Docker are endless.

Is Docker free?

Docker currently offers three plans, including a free option designed primarily for individuals. They also offer a Pro plan for individuals with advanced needs, and a Team plan with advanced collaboration and management tools. The free plan comes with nearly all of the features of the paid plans, so it is typically sufficient for most individual needs. However, you should review all of the Docker’s plan options to find the one that is best for you.

Compare Docker Hosting Plans

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: #1 HOST FOR docker Sep 2020
Entry VPS plan

$5 / mo

2 GB VPS plan

$59 / mo

Linux Cloud VPS plan

$6 / mo

5 Monthly plan

$5 / mo

VPS Cloud 1 plan

$49.95 / mo

Public Cloud Basic plan

$99 / mo

What is Containerization?

Containerization is something like a middle-ground between the mess of natural computing environments and rigidly segmented virtual machines.

Containerization in Layman Terms

Docker Containers

The Docker website is filled with details of its containerization features.

There’s a perfect analogy here to shipping. On the one hand is a giant cargo ship in which each small piece of cargo is packed into the hold and everything can slam into everything else and it all has to be loaded and unloaded by hand.

On the other hand is a multitude of individual boats, one boat for each piece of cargo. The best solution is somewhere between these two: interchangeable, self-contained storage and shipping units which can be loaded easily onto many different types of transportation, from giant cargo ship to railroad.

How Software Containers Work

A software container has a copy of the primary application, as well all dependencies — libraries, languages, frameworks, and everything else. The containerization system provides APIs to the operating system so that the interface between the container and the OS on one machine is the same as the interface between them on another machine.

This means that an app that runs in a container on a local development machine can be deployed easily onto another server by simply copyin

Who's Best for Docker Hosting?

We think A2 Hosting is the best choice for Docker.

    262 Reviews Visit A2 Hosting Now or read our in depth review
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