The Best Ghost Hosting: Who's The Best For Your Site? [Updated: 2021]

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Ghost is a great open-source option for blogging. However, not all hosting providers are compatible with this CMS. In this review, we'll show you which hosts are the best ones to consider for Ghost blogs.

Ghost is unique in that it is simpler than CMSs like WordPress. If you don't mind paying, you can get the turnkey version Ghost(Pro). If you are going to install it yourself, your host must support Node.js, so ask first.

We've got more detail on selected hosts below, but here's a preview of the best 5 hosts for Ghost:

  1. A2 Hosting - fast servers and excellent Ghost knowledgebase articles
  2. HostPapa
  3. WebHostFace
  4. Cloudways
  5. DigitalOcean

How Did We Pick the Best Hosts for Ghost?

We've reviewed over 380 hosting companies and 1,500 hosting plans and selected the ones which meet all the technical requirements for running a Ghost site. We then shortlisted the hosts which offer Node.js.

Lastly, we searched our massive database of over 1 million words of genuine customer reviews to identify the top 10 hosts for Ghost.

What You'll Learn

Does the world need another blogging platform?

Yes, says Ghost founder John O'Nolan. He argues that other blogging platforms, like WordPress, have evolved into something far beyond blogging and have become unnecessarily complex.

In this article, you'll learn what's truly unique about the Ghost platform. We'll look at its features so you can better determine whether it's right for your project.

And you'll learn what to look for in a Ghost host.

I'll make a few personal recommendations for Ghost hosts, based on my experience as a software engineer.

Recommended Ghost Hosts

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: #1 HOST FOR ghost Jan 2021
Entry VPS plan

$5 / mo

Business plan

$2.95 / mo

Shared Web Hosting plan

$2.59 / mo

Face VPS 1 plan

$9.95 / mo

DO1GB plan

$10 / mo

5 Monthly plan

$5 / mo

VS-100 VPS plan

$22.05 / mo

what is ghost

What is Ghost?

Blogging became widely popular last decade, and as a result, there are many blogging platforms on the market. Ghost is one of them. It's a free and open source blogging platform based on the server-side JavaScript Node.js execution engine.

Ghost is developed and tailored for blogging, without all the features and options of a full-blown CMS needed to create complex websites.

The Ghost Kickstarter Campaign

The Ghost blogging platform was initially released on October 14, 2013, by UK-based nonprofit Ghost Foundation.

Actually, Ghost project founder John O'Nolan (former deputy lead of the WordPress UI team) started a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the project because he found using WordPress as a blogging platform was becoming too complex.

Quick Overview of Ghost

Being a very young platform, Ghost benefits from the modern Node.js execution engine which makes it a very fast blogging solution.

Ghost is currently available for download in version 0.7.5.

ghost blog markdown
The Ghost split pane editor provides markdown on the left and a preview on the right. The UI is refreshingly minimalist.

You can download the Ghost platform, install it on your hosting server and use it for free.

The Ghost Foundation also offers its own paid hosting plans called Ghost(Pro) as an alternative for users who don't want to install and configure Ghost manually on their servers.

There are no free Ghost(Pro) hosting plans available from the Ghost Foundation. All profits generated from paid Ghost hosting are used to fund further development and infrastructure related to the Ghost project.

Why Choose Ghost(Pro) Hosting?

Ghost(Pro) hosting is a turnkey blogging solution for users who don't want to mess around their servers and install or configure Ghost on their own. Four hosting plans are available.

All four hosting plans offer:

  • Unlimited transfers and storage
  • Automatic updates and backup
  • SSL support
  • Global CDN and security protection
  • Support for all themes and apps
ghost for android
Updating your Ghost blog on the go is a snap with the Ghost for Android app. (Image via Ghost.)

Ghost Plan Basics

  1. The basic Personal hosting plan offers one blog and 25,000 views per month
  2. The top Business hosting plan offers unlimited blogs and 1,000,000 views per month
  3. Ghost(Pro) hosting plans also include 24/7 customer support
  4. Ghost(Pro) hosting offers a 14-day free trial option, so you can try it before you make a purchase
how to install ghost

How to Install Ghost

Ghost requires the Node.js execution engine to run, so install the latest version of Node.js first.

Ghost is available as a zip download, so the user needs to extract the downloaded files, go to the Node command prompt, and start Ghost from there.

Installation on Windows, Mac, Linux Platforms

Detailed installation instructions are available online for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Installation and launching require npm (Node Package Manager).

Using Ghost as a public web server isn't advised, so you'll need to use server software such as Apache, Nginx, or IIS to deliver its content.

This fireside chat with John O'Nolan, the founder of Ghost, is preceded by his 2016 pitch video. That will give you an excellent introduction to the thinking behind the platform, and why Nolan believes Ghost is the future of free speech.

Install Ghost on Your Host

Getting Ghost up and running on your hosting package manually can be tricky. Your hosting server needs to have Node.js already installed, or allow you SSH terminal access to install Node.js.

In other words, you need to make sure your hosting package supports Node.js or allows you to install it on your own.

The basic installation steps for Ghost are:

  1. Download the latest version of Ghost
  2. Unzip the file into your web directory
  3. Run the installation script
  4. Launch Ghost using npm
  5. Verify that it's running on your website
  6. Edit (at least) your URL and mail settings in the configuration file
  7. Set Ghost up to run on your web server

Upgrading Ghost is a manual process. You'll need to check periodically for new releases, to make sure that you have the most secure and bug-free version.

ghost features

Features of Ghost Blogging Platform

  • Easy to use: Ghost focuses on blogging and publishing, so it is easier to use and navigate than a fully-fledged CMS like WordPress. Managing and browsing through content is made easy through panes, similar to the way you use your e-mail.
  • Split-screen editor: Ghost features a powerful split-screen markdown editor with live preview, so typing and formatting the content is made easy.
  • Simple interface: The user interface is very straightforward; the design is clean, elegant and minimalistic.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) features are built-in and fully supported in Ghost.
  • Themes and extras: Ghost supports different themes, Disqus comments, Google Custom Search, and Google Analytics.
  • User roles: If you have a blogging team, you can assign Admin, Editor, and Author roles to members. As the blog's creator, you have the unique Owner role. The role system is simpler than in many blogging systems, making it less flexible but easy to manage.
Feature Supported?
WYSIWYG editing N
Markup editing Y
Team management Y
AMP pages Y
Custom post types N
Native comment support N
Tags Y
RSS feeds Y
Scheduled posting Y
Themes Y
Plugins N

With Ghost(Pro) hosting, your blog can be up and running in minutes, because you needn't worry about configuration.

web hosting coupon

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ghost alternatives

Alternatives to Ghost Blogging Platform

There are many alternative free blogging platforms available. You can get a WordPress or a Blogger blog for free, but you will have limited options in tweaking or customizing your blog. Weebly and Tumblr also give you free blogs.

On the other hand, Ghost is completely free to use and open source, so you can download and run it on your server within minutes.

Hosted options are available for many blogging software packages, usually as open source software.

Most are full content management systems, more complicated to manage than Ghost.

WordPress and Drupal are two popular choices that come pre-installed with many hosting plans.

Each has its own features and style, and you should compare them to decide which one suits you.

Ghost Pros and Cons

Not sure if Ghost is the right choice for you? Consider the following pros and cons.

Pros of Ghost

  • Streamlined open source blogging platform, free for download
  • Very fast thanks to Node.js execution engine
  • Designed specifically for blogging, easy to use
  • Clean and minimalist user interface
  • Easy to install and try on your computer, compact download
  • Built-in SEO capabilities
  • Supports multiple users for Ghost blogs

Cons of Ghost

  • Does not run on all hosting platforms
  • Ghost is free only if you download it, there's no free hosting with Ghost(Pro)
  • Limited support for PostgreSQL databases

Points to Remember About Ghost

  • Ghost is a compact and very fast blogging platform, so it is not designed to run complex websites.
  • The user interface is very simple, minimal, and elegant.
  • It is very easy to download Ghost and try it out on your computer, it takes just a couple of minutes.
  • Ghost can be tricky to set up on servers that do not come with preinstalled Node.js; or do not allow SSH terminal access to install Node.js.

Ghost(Pro) hosting gets you a ready to use blogging platform, and it is an interesting option if you don't have an existing hosting plan and you just need a simple and reliable blogging platform.

Server Requirements for Ghost

  • Ghost requires the Node.js execution engine to run (the latest LTS version is recommended).
  • Windows, Linux and Mac platforms are supported.
  • By default, Ghost uses an SQLite database without any configuration required. MySQL databases are supported, while PostgreSQL databases can be used, but support is limited.
  • A lot of traditional hosting plans will not work out of the box.
  • Therefore, Ghost is better suited to cloud hosting services or VPS plans.
summary of ghost

Ghost Features Summary

Some final points to remember about Ghost blogging platform.

  • Lean software just for blogging
  • Free to download, install, and modify
  • Complicated to install but easy to use
  • Paid hosting available on Ghost (Pro)

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